2012 World Memory Championship Scores

Some of the results are in from the 2012 World Memory Championship in London:
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Here is an article about the event:

I think there is one more day to go…

If anyone has any other news, leave a comment below. :slight_smile:

An update from Ben Pridmore:

A video update from Luis at aemind.com is below. Also check out Brad Zupp’s Facebook page for updates:

Ben posted two updates:

According to one of the blog posts, these were probably the top scoring competitors:

  1. Johannes Mallow
  2. Simon Reinhard
  3. Jonas von Essen
  4. Boris Konrad
  5. Christian Schäfer
  6. Ben Pridmore

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spot on…and more importantly:

  1. Nelson Dellis :wink:

I was super close behind Ben!

Great – did you reach Grand Master? :slight_smile:

Just saw the two posts on your blog:

Results are up now ^^


Thanks… :slight_smile:

Here is a video:
Award Ceremony for the 2012 World Memory Championship

Nelson, just saw your scores and added the Grand Master badge to your profile. :slight_smile:

EDIT: and a link:

Ben Pridmore just wrote more about the competition on his blog:

Here is more coverage: