200 WPM typing journal

Early this year I reached some sort of typing speed limit when doing calculation, so I search the web and find out there are method called touch typing, which can make typist type without looking at the keyboard, and with astonishingly fast speed.
I type all my 17 years life with my two index fingers. even my fastest speed had never exceed
15wpm. So I learned touch typing. It’s quite hard and though still typing slow, but at least I’m making some progress now.

I wish I could type 200 WPM in the future, though I don’t have much will to train typing, it’s a little boring and my English is not good.
So I will make a thread here to record my progress, as a reminder to train harder.



Screen Recording 2021 06 02 at 10 44 58 AM - YouTube


To my understanding, 109 wpm is quite fast than keyboard 90% of users. :exploding_head:
So you like typing so much, else you wouldn’t aim at 200 wpm. around top 1% typer.


Thank you!
To be honest I don’t quite like it, it is quite tiring.
But I really want to get fast, that’s so cool.

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Think what it says is actually faster than 97% of the users, the yellow / orange like part that says “top 3%”. Right over the 109 WPM. :slight_smile:

I only got in the top 20% at 77 WPM, 402 strokes on the 2nd attempt.

Had to go try it, haha :smiley:

Though I think really the stroke count is a better measure than the WPM. Since the Words are of different length. The longest word I got was Mountain, which perhaps is also a word I do not type very often. So that tends to slow me down because I am not as familiar with the keystrokes for it.

However, a lot of the words are; must you do this to me now when the planet are in it’s new world.

Which are all rather commonly written words. However, should I write; continuous evaluation throughout artisanal cobalt mining industry in Democratic Republic of Congo continues to indicate a prosperous future.
Then I would be greatly slowed down in my WPM and strokes per minute due to the less frequently used words.

Regardless of rather I can touch type or not.

That said, it is a great way to be practicing how to touch type as it also indicates when you have a letter wrong and you can easily go correct it.
It is also handy that there is an actual timer going and automatically calculates it all.

Great job flou on getting to 603 strokes in a minute!


Thanks for your nice insight and wish you could get better in the future Mr Olsen!

I’m still far away from doing a great job but still thank you for your comment:)

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Amazing I have never seen someone ever type so fast!!!

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Thank you!
If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the 239WPM current world record holder’s video:

And there are also many other typist like Sean Wrona, Chak and Joshua etc. These are the truly amazing people.


Thanks, however I’m good with my speed. Won’t be useful to write any faster for me.
Outside of dictation and physical document copying, I find it hard to see great benefits in faster typing.

If I am writing a science report, I cannot be writing at 400 characters per minute. Simply because I need to form the sentences.

Maybe with computer coding. Which I do not do, hehe. :smiley:


I just found this “touch typing tutor” program

I’ll use it to learn to type touch in Russian (which I’m learning,) using my normal latin alphabet keyboard. I don’t know if that will mess up my brain a bit.

here’s how it looks

As I was typing here using English, and I went to make the cap… as you see there are “errors” at the beginning of the test then I changed to cyrillic:
keys d and k correspond to в and л

Edit: I forgot to mention that it has all the keyboards apparently. Hebrew, Greek, Korean, etc.


It’s Esperanto for “keyboard”. :slight_smile:


[not a serious game]
132WPM on keybr.com
New video - YouTube

Dog pic

Good work.
I am interested to see the progression on this.
My best on typeracer is 140+, but what I found was that if I am not using a lot of my fingers, it gets harder to go beyond that point because of too many index motions

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My typing speed is 320 letters per minute. Is not the best, but still to be pretty good.


I haven’t type these two days =0=
Laziness +2

Chin pic time!


77 wpm, not very fast but my personal record


Nice work!
Have you tried 1 min test?

Yes, my best is 66 with that.

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