20 Days to a Software Certification Exam and I need help!

I have a software certification exam coming up. At the exam, I will have a pencil and two sheets of scratch paper. What would be the best way to memorize information similar to the sentences below:

"Before Triggers are used to update or validate record values before they are saved to the Database. After Triggers are used to access field values that are set by the system (Such as Record ID's or LastModifiedDate field), and ot affect changes in other records, such as logging into an audit table or firing asynchronous events with a queue."

I would try to understand it before memorizing it. Then try to explain it to an imaginary student by speaking and drawing the concept on a piece of paper. If you haven’t already memorized it by that point, you should still have a better idea on how to approach the information.

It looks like you need to remember that there are things called “triggers” and there are at least two kinds: before triggers and after triggers. I would try to learn it by coding a quick example. Save some data to to the database and try implementing a simple trigger.

It it related to Salesforce? They have some code examples in the docs:

trigger someAccountTrigger on Account (before insert, before update) {
    // code

It looks like those two triggers (before insert and before update) are in the “Before Trigger” category and will cause your code to run before you insert or update into the DB. (I’m not familiar with Salesforce, so I’m just guessing here.)

Once you understand the basic concept by coding an example or two, then memory techniques might be useful for memorizing things like a list of events where triggers can be applied:

  1. before insert
  2. before update
  3. before delete
  4. after insert
  5. after update
  6. after delete
  7. after undelete

Memory journeys and peg lists are good for memorizing lists like that. I would memorize a list like that by taking note that there are only two types of triggers and they they both cover insert, update, and delete (1-3 and 4-6), but that there is only an after trigger for undelete (7). When you see similarities in lists, you can compress the information by combining them and memorizing the differences.

Oh that’s great advice and thank you Josh! Yes, it is Salesforce. I really like your emphasis on understanding it first, and then listing them out to apply memorization techniques. Really like how you broke down the information on triggers and how you distinguished between similar sounding but different concepts.