1000 common words in Esperanto

For anyone studying Esperanto, here are 1000 common words in Esperanto:

I read for somewhere that memory techniks can easily be used in stufying Esperanto.

Any guides where and how to study ut for free?

I wrote a blog post about how to learn Esperanto.

The Zagrebo method https://learn.esperanto.com/en/
Lernu has a website https://lernu.net/en/esperanto
Duolingo offers it https://www.duolingo.com/
& there’s others http://esperanto-usa.org/en

Maybe I should start up languages again, I’ve got two old paperback Esperanto (Lingvo Internacia) dictionaries and nowadays I also have internet. I’d need to type on one of the other computers, though, because this stupid iPad won’t let me download an Esperanto keyboard. I’d either need to use Zamenhof’s h-system (still used by the French, from what I saw) or the more modern x-system.

Cux iuj volas lerni Esperanton?

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