000-999 Major System Collaboration

I’ve been slowing filling in my 000-999 list using the Major System and something I wish I had access to is a list of possible words for each number to reduce the time spent on it. Of course there would be blank spots where no English words have the matching first three sounding consonants but I think it would go a long way to help people move to a 3-digit system. To give an idea of what I’m talking about, I have a spreadsheet I finished not long ago for 00-99 that’s publicly viewable on Google Docs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WxZwRd8n9oDyNKeRizDwL1kwA8FFJbePC35eF_6MBH8/edit?usp=sharing


Thanks for sharing. I will add it to the major system wiki page.

You’re certainly welcome to incorporate mine, for what it’s worth: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10nAevKhSRahfjLSxmCFdjtDLfBE-FRaSBNKT_GApFe0/edit#gid=0

You know, when you think about it, there probably aren’t that many people out there who’ve built a 000-999 system in English strictly using the traditional Major System with three consonants. I know Alex and Lance did, and possibly a few others, but there are some out there who built them using variants, or used a Ben System with a C-V-C setup. It would be kind of cool to combine when possible for the sake of the greater good, but you’d want to strip out any offensive items and items that are personal to that particular athlete.

There are a few sites that generate Major System words with three consonants. Rememberg.com comes to mind, and it is certainly useful, but it throws out a LOT of foreign words and very arcane stuff. And I haven’t found a site that’s good for producing two-word phrases, like “Red Shirt”, which I use for 416. My image for this is the stereotypical red-shirted dude from Star Trek who would suffer a quick death upon any landing party quest.

Hi Josh, thanks for adding that spreadsheet on the wiki page. It is a 00-99 list though.

Tracym, I can make a Google spreadsheet where we can add people individually who want to participate instead of having it completely open to the public. I figure if we’re spending all this time individually making our lists so maybe we might as well combine the words we’ve found to help out others who try to do the same. I never even thought of the fact there aren’t any sites who do more than one word. I did find a great Major System resource though, it’s called Numzi (https://appsto.re/us/PuCZ9.i) for the iOS. Something I’m doing on the side is going through a dictionary and putting the number for every entry that seems like an image could be made from it. I’ve finished everything for numbers 0 through 5 except those that start with a vowel. Hopefully I’ll wrap it up soon and organize it to be put into the spreadsheet.

Here’s the spreadsheet I’ve started. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1842QHvGrHOmAFHmBV79iJY_m0BddpwiWbH3RBOX30Do/edit?usp=sharing

This has been done many times before, in several languages. There are words for 00 to 99, and 0 to 1000. Here is Bruno Furst’s list:


This is not my website. I found it through a web search. Also, please note that this PDF is copyrighted - although I believe the copyright applies only to the introduction and the book cover, not to the contents of the list itself. (Considered fair use.) Hopefully you’ll be improving it anyway, as it’s missing many current words, like laptop, cell phone, etc.

You’ll also have to run OCR. Acrobat (300 dpi) worked well for me.

Good luck with your project.

Hi Sheldon. Thanks for the link and the encouragement! This PDF is going to be a lot of help.

Here’s the granddaddy of them all, Berol’s dictionary from 1918:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a download link, for a PDF file, but all pages are viewable online. (Many of these old books can be downloaded, but this one says “DRM protected” - although it’s in the public domain. I hate it when people do this.)

Anyway… this book has lots of good words and phrases, and also much silliness.

Have fun!

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Wow, that Berol dictionary is amazing! You’re probably right, we shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but maybe we can improve the wheels a bit by adding some words that didn’t exist back in his day…as well as some popular people who weren’t around then, too.

I’ve found this free program to be very helpful for this kind of thing:
it can be used to list a large set of possible associations so you aren’t limited by the context of any particular individual.

Struggling to find a 1-1000 Major System. Doesn’t the basic series need to unchangeable? I’ll need to compile one, I guess, time consuming but will post when I’m done.

The Google doc isn’t accurate, I think. e.g. 81 = cab ?

Website link no longer works.

Have you seen the Major System Examples page?

This is mine, is ben system