What is the best way to practice for images?

I am using the journey method and want to know if i can keep using the the same journey while i am practicing or if i should use a different journey for each time i practice. My concern is old images interfering with new images. So far i have gotten to 16 images. my method is to relate some part of each image that looks similar to a some part of each loci… like if the image has a bar i will look for a line on the image. Thanks!


I guess it depends on how much interference you’re getting.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to try Simon’s peg list system. It’s reusable:


Im trying to come up with new journeys due to this exact problem. Some places ive used to many times . There is a tractor in my old school canteen, no idea how that got there. An old convenience store has become all contorted and nothing sticks there any more . Organisation is key or you end up with a labyrinth rather than a palace

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I must not be memorizing nearly as much stuff as you all, since I’m not close to running out of real-world places to use for memory palaces/journeys!

While I will say I believe real-world places are the best — and the author of the Rhetorica ad Herennium even called them essential — Lynne Kelly’s book Memory Craft has me rethinking the value that can come from creating your own, wholly imaginary spaces. I’m not talking about using locations from video games or art or anything else, but actually designing your own — and then knowing it as well as you know your own home. There may be lots of information about that here, if this approach could help. (Since I’ve been opposed to that idea, I’ve never looked for those threads.)


I get best use of areas where i dont frequent. But are sharp in my memory, i started adding rooms in my old school recently , added a room on the corner 2 blocks up , then added new rooms around the edge anti clockwise. Then down to the ground then a row of rooms eastbound. Then imagined it from above and thought of snake2 on a nokia 3210

Thanks! I started incorporating some actions along with looking for cues in the loci that are similar to the item to memorize and I got to 18 images.


agreed. well i just broke 18 images. onward and upward:smiley:



I am trying to come up with a dog for 67 . I use 67 to represent note e5 659.2551hz

JaCK Russell Terrier (Major system).