What do these numbers mean to you?




I’m developing a project where I’m trying to gather different interpretations from memory athletes (or anyone who practices memory techniques for fun and not competitively) of the same set of numbers.

Could you describe the images, journey or scenario you would picture if asked to memorise these numbers 127370161183447 ?

If you would prefer to email me your interpretation contact me at [email protected].

Thanks a million!

(Josh Cohen) #2

12 - tuna fish
73 - yuki-onna
70 - an axe
16 - windsurfer
11 - AT-AT (Empire Strikes Back)
83 - FM radio
44 - Artur Rubenstein
7 - boomerang

The numbers can be pronounced with one syllable each:

The sounds are short enough to possibly hold in memory without a journey, but if it were going in a memory journey:

  • Location 1: tuna fish on the head of a yuki-onna
  • Location 2: an axe chopping a windsurfers sail, causing it to crash into the sea
  • Location 3: AT-AT shoots an FM radio
  • Location 4: Rubinstein is playing the piano and the piano hammers are pounding on a boomerang inside of the piano

(Side note: I wouldn’t use the word “mental athlete” to refer to myself, because I don’t compete in memory competitions – if that matters for your question.)


I started very recently and am not really an athlete either, but I see Coby attacking Hinata with a rasengan who defends herself with a kichibachi. Next, Klahadore sneaks up behind Mother Teresa and delivers a blow to the neck the kind I imagine Eva doing (from an obscure video game series you have never heard of) in front of a purple wall.

I use a catagory based PPAA system where actions are often kinds of attacks and are always directed towards the other person in the chunk, which I call “encounters.” I came up with it on my own and while it’s kinda immature, I find it memorable and fun. Phonetic systems like the major system and the Ben system are probably better for really serious competitors but I can’t imagine trying to use PPAA with (practically) random images and it works for me so far (which means I am having no problems constantly improving).

Rundown of the images:
12 Coby - hands mop to
73 Hinata - gentle palm
70 Naruto - Rasengan
16 Arlong - kichibachi
11 Klahadore - charge with cat claws
83 Mother Teresa - gives cash
41 Eva - neck strike
catagory 1 - one piece
c7 naruto
c8 historical figures
c4 medieval cop/shorts (There are about 10 games 30 mins to 1 hr each)

Also each one digit number is a color, 7 is purple. I don’t often use it though because I memorize even-digit numbers the vast majority of the time.


In my old system, I first make groups of three pairs of each two digits, plus a group of all that is left. Each number has a person, an action and an object attached to it, information I combine into a single image. The single digit is only an object.

12 = Inspector Lestrade - Knocking - Warrant
73 = Darth Sidious - Electrocuting - Death Star
70 = Darth Baras - Eating - Pizza
16 = Hannibal Smith - Smoking - Cigar
11 = John Watson - Shaving - Mustache
83 = Tom Cruise - Hanging - Cable
44 = Beast (X-men) - Brushing - Blue Fur
7 = Boomerang

Those I combine into three images, one for each of the sets of images I made.

12-73-70 = Inspector Lestrade electrocuting a pizza
16-11-83 = Hannibal Smith is shaving himself with a steel cable
44-7 = Beast has a few boomerangs stuck in his fur

Those images I place at my loci in whatever memory palace I want to use.

In my new system, which I am currently making, I do the same, but with three digit numbers instead of two, which allows me to end up with fewer images to remember. In this system I will keep the actions the same, as 1000 actions is really a lot. I also don’t have any objects or things for any two-digit numbers yet. So it would look like the following:


127 = Emperor Lrrr / (unspecified object)
37 = shattering
016 = Scrat / (unspecified object)

118 = Wendy (south park) / (unspecified object)
34 = spawning into creation
47 = Unspecified yet

So I would end up with two images, Emperor Lrrr shattering a yet unspecified object and Wendy spawning a yet unspecified object into creation.


127 370 = a wine barrel out of which a carton of milk is flying off
161 183 = a table tennis table the net of which is made of a bit bunch of earplugs
447 = a tractor

Not necessarily the most memorable number combinations these ones!


a more in depth view of my old 2-digit system can be found here:


Hehehe, I always like to share images from mymnemonics ^^

I’m using a simple PAO systèm,
What I see is :
A friend of mine is Pinching medals to everything around him,

Then 161183
My Uncle Applause my friend with a Farfetched (pokemon)on his laps

Finally 447
I see the cute Natalie Dormer watching the screen from a remote Pine Tree



Mine contains adult themes (they’re memorable). PAO
127370 - Scott Herman (a fitness model) ejaculating onto a safe
161183 - Arnold Schwarzneggar banging on a cello
447 - Donald Duck holding a cane

(Nicholas Mihaila) #9

What a fun question! :laughing:


From left to right: Sandy (from Spongebob) shakes hands with Misa (from Death Note) who turns around and pulls out Mr Potato Head’s ear, who then pulls out a large timer (stopwatch). After hitting the button on top, a collection of nearby rocks assume an animate form resembling a human (Thardus from Metroid Prime).

edit Uhg. Again, I didn’t check the date of the OP. :confused:

(Josh Cohen) #10

It’s okay to reply any time. The discussions are meant to continue, since it’s still relevant content. There’s even one that has been going on continuously for about 7 years. :slight_smile:

(Nicholas Mihaila) #11

Okay, cool. That’s good to know. :slight_smile: