Using auditory imagery instead of visual?

So, I have aphantasia, but only as pertains to visual imagery. I can “hear” things very clearly in my mind, and can easily retain auditory memories. I can easily “play” a piece of music in my mind from start to finish. In contrast, I can’t visualize even the simplest visual image.

Is there some way to leverage that for memory training and memory palaces? Has anyone tried using music or auditory images instead of visual ones?


Okay, so generally when people bring this up, they want advice with memory palaces because they (think they have) issues seeing the imagery in a particular location in a memory palaces. For the purpose of this reply, I’ll focus on that aspect…

Can you recall what happened in a chapter in an audiobook? Would you have trouble recalling stage directions in a theater play?

If that is not an issue, then just imagine hearing the sentence “The elephant is playing tennis with a pineapple” rather than seeing the picture other people would see when reading this. If you can recall the sentence you “hear” you can decode the information in the same way that a person who “sees” see image of the elephant could.

I suppose that answers the second half of the question… could you be more specific as to what you mean by the first half, “music.” Do you have perfect pitch? Are you talking about converting C\small{4} into the number 25 (for example) or something like that? Or do you want to use the measures (or lyrics) of a song as a memory palace?

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Can you describe yur Aphantasia think, I may be able to help you with it after knowing how you think without images(Some people in Aphantasia think by experiencing something or knowing something but without a visual element, Source Graduate program . Organisation) but I do not want to know how you think in sounds(Auditorily or Verbally) only what you think in place of images,

It may be possible to develop a temporary synesthesia in which you can hear images,

Anthony Metivier on his YouTube channel has posted a video(s) on how to cure Aphantasia(And he is also a member of the forum by the username @metivier)

I will commennt when I will come to know how you think in place of images so that I can better help you and if you do not think anything in place of images then you can also also comment that and I will comment on how you can improve your memory)

Note- I created a Synesthesia

And the voice in my head with that synesthesia is 30% more accurate than my normal memory and I hope to have this synesthesia upgraded to Multi Sound Revision Synesthesia in which multiple voices repeat the same thing after an interval of a few seconds exactly to that of spaced repetition but in seconds and not in days and with that Synesthesia I hope hear a whatever I read 25 times in 30 seconds with leading to some probability that the paragraph I am reading will be transferred to Long Term Memory after 25 spaced repetitions and maybe this can also be done with the synesthesia in which a person visualizes or sees sounds,


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Synesthesia is involuntary and automatic by definition.

What you’ve created could be called conditioning… Pavlov’s little dog didn’t develop sound/taste-synesthesia either.

My inner world is basically that of a blind person with normal hearing (which is funny because in real life, my vision is just fine). I can hear things in my head pretty well, and reproduce sounds accurately, but I can’t “see” things in my head. So, for example, if you ask me to imagine a Bach fugue in my head, I will “hear” the piano sounds exactly as I remember them from the recording and distinctly hear every voice of the fugue. If you ask me to visualize an apple, I will not be able to do so at all.

I can imagine someone speaking a sentence, but that’s not really a vivid image that is memorable. I’m kinda wondering if there is some way to imagine the sound of something vivid and memorable happening at a particular location, and use that for the loci method instead of imagining something visual. I’m not sure what that would be or how the sound to concept correspondence would work, so I’m curious if anyone here on this forum has this kind of brain and has done something like that. A particular song at a particular location?


I do have perfect pitch, and my music “visualization” abilities are well above normal. As a child, I actually came up with a number-to-musical-note correspondence, but it was one digit for every musical note, so it is not very helpful for longer numbers (I’m kinda curious now if a more sophisticated encoding would help).

I’m mostly just curious what other people have done with auditory imagery in memory palaces, and whether anyone else here has done something like that.


You can have a look on the forum by just searching for it:

I don’t have perfect pitch myself but if I did, I’d consider dyads or chord progression for a double digit system. It might be possible to also just map 100 notes… as in piano+12. Not sure if that helps, just my two cents.

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As it turns out, Jean-François Sudre is your guy…

…with a dictionary of 2,660 words, I’d place it somewhere between Esperanto and Toki Pona as far as conlangs go. It comes with a build-in sign language too, because you can simply use the solfege hand signs to spell out words.

Check the links at the bottom of the Wikipedia page for dictionary and grammar references.

P.S.: In France they use fixed do solfege

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I also had this idea 1 year ago but it was for sounds(Associating numbers to sounds and then combing them in a way that they are still hearable).

I think that the synesthesia in which you silently take the name of a key object, person etc in your mind and simultaneously get its images may work if you speed associate them with sounds(Examples-Speed Reading, Speed Learning, Speed Comprehension, Speed Driving :slightly_smiling_face:),

And O got the idea of creating Speed Memory Palaces with auditory imagery and something like Superb associations for this(As people associate information to images(In Memory Palace),


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So I decided to try an experiment. I’m reading a book about a particular historical period. I wanted to memorize a date (four digits) on which something happened. I imagined a chorus of voices singing a short phrase associated with the event to the tune that encodes the year, in four-part harmony, at a particular locus in my memory palace. There was no visual imagery - just hearing the four note melody and the words set to it at the right place. It worked for memory retention.

I tried again, with two other dates, and could recall the four-note melodies easily but had trouble recalling the words in the short phrase, so I guess the phrase needs to be very memorable. But I’m thinking this may be a viable method for memorizing historical things for me.