Use same memory palace to learn

I wonder if anyone uses the same palace to study various things, without the need to create others and not be confused


I’d encourage you to search the forum for a lot of previous discussions on this topic, including pros and cons of doing what you’re suggesting.

But that fact that you said “without the need to create others” makes me also want to encourage you to start by using places you already know well for your memory palaces. This is the well-tested, historical meaning of what a memory palace is: An actual place you know so well that you can walk through it and see—and associate information with—its many real details. Chances are, you know many such places well: your childhood home(s), your schools, businesses, public buildings, places of worship, neighborhoods, maybe even whole towns and cities. Each of these can be your memory palaces.

You’ll find from past discussions that I’m a proponent of using real-world places, not imagined or created ones. But others here are creating imagined places based on their own drawings, video games, etc., so I don’t want to say that’s not a viable option. I just don’t believe that’s the best way to start. That’s also just my opinion!

Finally: If you do reuse the same palace for all of your memorizing, I think it’s absolutely essential that the information you store there be as distinct and different as possible. For example, I could easily see you storing the Periodic Table of Elements in the same place that you store a list of your favorite 100 actors. You could also store your favorite 100 actresses, most endangered animals, and the geological periods there as well. None of these overlap; if you’re recalling your “actors” list, you’re not likely to suddenly see your image for the atomic weight of Zinc. On the other hand, if you’re trying to learn multiple foreign languages, I believe it would be a disaster to store different words for the same thing in the same locations.



First off, the skill that has helped me more than reusing any palaces is to find new ones to use. And link new ones to the ones that happen to be too small.

But I also love to reuse palaces :

I never have problems reusing palaces and have done so more often than I can count. I just make sure that what is already there has been there a very long time or has been reviewed so many times I can even use pieces of the original images I placed there to link the new info.

Or when the first is in my longterm memory, then I can also and it never caused problems.

I also sometimes place everything new above what is already there and that has never caused any problems either. But I really dont recommend doing this if your tight on time or on imagination or are new to using these techniques because I usually had to modify and review these a tiny bit more at first.

P.S I do review and play so much with my palaces and never never stop there, always taking parts of what I have placed in one given palace and placing them in other palaces and use them in real life context as soon and as much as possible till the palaces are no longer needed.

I know, it seems like a lot, but Its not because I can now work on my palaces anytime and anywhere and for any amount of time, even if its just a minute from time to time, it adds up fast!

P.S I ALWAYS try to find a new palace to use before though


Do you stop using palacio after a while?

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For starters I also think the royal palaces are important

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Whats very interesting to me is that the more I use the info outside the palace in various context, as it is intended, the weaker the presence of that info gets in my palace.

Perhaps I subconsciously review these images with less and less attention and they gradually fade away. The more they work, the faster they fade.


Got it, thank you so much

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I’ve just made an FAQ page that lists discussions on the topic: Is it possible to reuse memory palaces?



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Add in the FAQ. Thanks


Done :slight_smile:


I have a need to remember one speech for 6 minutes duration every forthnight. Actually this is speech which has to be delivered in our Toastmasters Club. I usually use the Hall we use for the club meetings as a memory palace with 10 stations (corners, walls, lecturn and audience). I have re-used the same hall for each of my speech as I do not want to remember the speech forever.

This can be said as re-using the same memory palace. It is needed for maximum 2 weeks from the preparation starts to the delivery of the speech after 2 weeks. Once the speech is delivered the need for retaining that content is over, and I re-use the same hall for the next speech. I have done this till now for 5 times and have not faced any challenge or ghost images.

This palace has become like my extended volatile memory for me. This palace has helped me each time I have delivered a speech in my club.


Agree. Start with the ready made spaces you know well. When you have some experience working with memory palaces you can explore more abstract possibilities.


Don’t get too stuck on the word ‘Palace’. You don’t have to use a building or any kind of space. People use their palms, apples - any item that you know well can be used to hold memories. There’s likely a large number of such items that you know well enough to use.

There’s a very good discussion about the varieties of palaces - do a search on ‘Miniature Memory Palaces’. There’s a lot of ideas there.