Use ben system for persian language

Hello. I want to use the Ben system in Farsi. Can anyone guide me how to do this? Is there any better way than Ben? Can not create the image for the 2704 card handler? please guide me. Thank you

I don’t know any Farsi, so I’m not sure about the details of how to set it up for Farsi. The Ben System is a consonant-vowel-consonant system for 3-digit numbers, so you would probably want to make a list of consonants and vowels that are common in Farsi.

In the Ben System, the first digit is a consonant, the second digit is a vowel, and the third digit is a consonant. A first step could be to create a table to assign the sounds of Farsi to digits. This is how I assigned the sounds (my version uses different sounds than Ben’s system):

digit first (consonant) second (vowel) third (consonant)
0 s/z o s/z
1 t (not d) i as in “beet” t (not d)
2 n u as in “two” n
3 m aa as in “cat” m
4 r a as in “father” r or th
5 L ai as in “five” L
6 b ih as in “six” b
7 k (not g) e as in “seven” k (not g)
8 f or v ei as in “eight” f or v
9 p (not b) uh as in “lullaby” p (not b)

There are more idea ideas on how sounds can be associated with digits from the how to memorize numbers video.

Example using the number 815:

For me, the number 8 is an “f” or “v” sound when it’s the first or third digit of a 3-digit number. The number 5 is represented by “L” when it’s in the first or third digit. 1 is an “i” (like in “beet”) when it’s the middle digit.

So for the number 815, the sound would be “FIL”. In Farsi, you could use a word like فیل (fil).

If your version of the table gives you “GOL” for a number, then you could use گل (gol).

The word for the image can be longer than the sound produced by the table – the important thing is just that it can prompt you to remember the image when you see the number. So if the table says “VAR” then ورزش (varzesh) would fit, even though the word doesn’t fit exactly.

(I hope my Farsi examples there are correct – I copied them from a vocabulary list, but I can’t understand the words. :slight_smile: )

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Thank you for answer

My problem is that the Farsi language is not 6 more vowels and I have problems with the vowels

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Are there enough words that use the dipthongs to fill out the system? In my table above, two of the “vowels” are actually dipthongs (5 and 8). It looks like in Farsi there are some dipthongs (used in these words), but I’m not sure:

  • چای
  • سیل
  • هوی
  • روی
  • موز

Another idea is to use a 3-consonant system (no vowels) and the Shadow System for cards, which is used by some of the fastest card memorizers.

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