Upgrading to 3-digit 2-card system


So now that is summertime and I have a lot of time , I want to work a lot on my speed. I wondered
what are your suggestions on the systems and how to memorize it .

Sincerely, Hs!

The Shadow System seems to be working well at the moment.


Shadow System is the best system ever. Alex Mullen have reaches 12,77 in software Memory Leaguee.

The best way to memorize this, is by parts first memorize 0-100, after that 100-200.
You know in which centene you are in the present training. This means you need to look only to the two digits after the decene, so you train faster!!
If you memorize 167, 756,427,957,543… is confusing for your mind. Is like multiplication tables, you memorize first table 2, not mixed. When you now very well one complete centene, you can begin doing a mix with other combinations the way I explain now:

I think the best way to memorize this is (I enjoy so much this way):
To stick two cards not squared for to see both index, “I cut the exces”, and you create al the combinations like this.
And you train the ones you have created. And is very fast, because you don’t have to use your fingers for to spread two cards every time. You can shuffle also having all the combinations always.
You can practice the ones you like and this way you can practice all the combinations equally. Because you now that when you finish looking all the cards of combinations, YOU HAVE CHECKED ALLL OF THEM.

About my english: I’m from Spain and I’m still learning.