Transcendental meditation

Hey guys:smiley:
Today i want to talk about my experience with tm.
So i wanna tell that its super easy to learn and very effective too on the same time. I have tried different meditation but never really worked for me, well not even mantra meditation.
After l practiced tm i have seen a new realm of my conciousness. I have become more creative, calm and most importantly my memory and visualization has improved a lot helping me to easily learn physics . Also my memory palace technique bas become more effective. I am not try to promote it but telling my true experience.
My linking has especially improved & my story method has exaggerated in a new creative way.
Let me know what u guys think of it:smiley:

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I haven’t tried TM, but I know people who have found benefit from various types of meditation.

If you haven’t seen them yet you can find more discussions about meditation in the search box.

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You said that mantra meditation didn’t work for you. Don’t they give you a mantra when being thought tm? Isn’t tm mantra meditation?

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Ya u are right it is a mantra meditation but the trick lies in how to use the mantra basically , why don’t u give it a try

I only practiced mindfulness meditation before. I know that when you learn tm they give you a specific mantra just for yourself and you are not allowed to tell it to anyone. I think they only say that so that you don’t realize that they give the same mantra to many different people.

You did say that the trick lies in how you use the mantra. So, can you please tell us more about that?

Well in mindfulness u have to concentrate and fix your mind to respond in a certain way but human conciousness is vast and tm allows u explore that level of conciousness no attention , concentration etc just using and exploring what u already have atleast in my opnion and understanding.

Is it possible to learn tm by myself? For example, if i choose a mantra myself, and you tell me more about how to use the mantra, do you think i could learn it like this?

Bro, can u plzz explain how did u learn the concepts of physics with one general example.

Well u can send me ur mail and i can help u

Hi ajmal,
Well after doing tm i can better visualize for ex
I can clearly see the movements of force in a free body diagram . try it it will help

Dear Sahil, Can u plzz tell me what is transcendental meditation?Is it a special kind of memory technique?If yes, Then plzz send me some pdf notes of tm so that i can better understand tm.Thanks

Ok, thank you. I sent you a private message with my e-mail.

There are several great ways to do this, and I discuss them in my book, but one of the best is meditation.

As I discuss in my book, there are two flavors of meditation: Guided and Eastern. With guided meditation you are following someones direction and being led through imagined settings that are peaceful and serine.

Eastern meditation is a practice by which you try to maintain a quiet, peaceful mind with no thought of anything other than your point of focus or concentration. You simply stare into the darkness of your closed eyelids and think of one thing. Even if that one thing is no thing (nothing). Each time your mind strays (and it will), you gently bring your attention back to your point of focus.

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