Spaced repetition system


I made that sheet 5 years ago and deleted it when it I found it was being used for a sinister kind of Koran training.

Based on this system I made a new one:

Make a copy for your personal use.
Feel free to amend it.

I added dates for when a subject is due and checkboxes so you can check the ones you have done.

Also I made the checkboxes red if they are due:

(Marios Daskalas) #22

Thanks for the file. @Kinma

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(Elkay) #23

Thanks for this Kinma. I was wondering if anyone still has a copy of the excel version of this? I have found this Googlesheet invaluable except… my work blocks Googlesheets on our computers and ipads. I use these 2 devices as my primary study aids (its a pain using it on my phone as the screen is small and ive clocked up quite a few things to keep track of in it).

I have tried converting the sheet to excel but unfortunately it doesnt like some of the formulas involved with the checkbox.


Listen to brilliant @Rumburak. The easiest way is to just make a card in Anki. I used to use modified google sheets as well…but Anki is much better. Anki is great for “experimental” cards like this (i.e. recite the entire long poem, solve this long math problem, etc.). This is because in Anki, unlike SuperMemo, how you answer any one card has no effect on the other cards. So feel free to make strange, experimental cards i.e. do all the projects in chapter 1.