Spaced repetition system

Put it in a spreadsheet.

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Yes, but with a spreadsheet we may have to do a planning himself, But with anki the planning is make by the spaced repetition system.

Here is an overview of available software:

The question I ask myself if I am looking to solve a problem like that is whether I would be able to solve it without a computer.
In this case my answer would be yes. I would take a piece of paper, write down the chapter and the date of first learning. Then I would write the date for the next iteration.
After learning each new chapter I would write down the data. Then I would repeat previous chapters and change the dates of repetition to the next one.

This would be my system. The next step is instead a piece of paper, write it down in a speadsheet.
Then you can have the sheet calculate the next date. The principles stay the same as writing it down on paper though.

Does that help?


Is there consensus on optimal spacing periods when using spaced repetition? You would have to figure this out in order to do it by yourself.

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Great question of which I do not know the answer to.

My uncle trained me to do this 30-some years ago.
He never explained where he got system from.
He used a simple 1-2-4-8-16-32 etc. days system.

Some people use 1-2-4 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, because it is easier to calculate the dates that way.

Optimal sounds to me the date just before you start forgetting stuff.
Anybody else?


Here is an example. Feel free to download and change to your personal preferences.

If the date of repetition is due, it will turn up red.


Thanks !
I will use your great spreadsheet Kinma. Only one technical question. Indeed I will have to many chapter to find it what I have to review easily when the date is due. So I want to use the shearch function and turn up red date of repetition like you say Kinma. But I don’t arrive to select the calculated date, so that I can do this with google drive. Do you know how to do that ?

I do not quite understand your question…

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Interesting idea… I added a link to your comment from the spaced repetition and recall wiki page. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Josh!

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i have the same problem… I need an app for this , so it can remind me the next study season

Try this for now and this later. :slight_smile:


Why so complicated? You can create flashcards like this:
Front: Chapter 01
Back: Keywords or summary of chapter

I use it that way all the time to review large memorized texts.

But in fact, I would break down each chapter into small info bits and quiz myself on the key-facts. That way you’ll have an easier time absorbing your information is less intimidating. For example:

Front: Chapter 01 - Topic - The 3 key elements are:
Back: 1. … 2. … 3. …


I agree with Rumburak also, and you can also just use anki, that can be really well tweeked, and instead of your average card, it can be pretty much anything to tell, he, now, look at that chapter :slight_smile: A calendar is really handy also. But all in all, for me its mainly my guts that tell, and that is also a skill that develops over time and practice.

And unfortunately, Srepetition has its limits, no matter what tools you use. For me the biggest being it only adapts in terms of time and frequency, and as strange as that sounds, it is very relative to the users conscience and feelings and present state, not of what is needed. The user decides which one was harder than another without taking many things into account, and I thought it was good when looking at stats, but many bad systems for one individual comes out great in statistics. Statistics like these are relative to what else is being done etc. and, unfortunately, it is far by representing the individuals needs from one thing to recall and learn to another. Its more of like a flatline, keeping us right in the middle of what can be achieved if we dont move our *** at all and what is is done the very very best possible; and it keeps you there, cuz its an algorythm and if you cant program the python to tweek it, on the long run, no no no good hehe.

I use anki anyways, almost every day, and for years now. Its the tool I use when Im so tired but at the same time sooo stubborn that, at that very moment, I rather pretend to be reviewing than skip on my planned review hehe (its just incomparable in results to when Im really in shape). I have had the occasion to work long periods reviewing without it also, focusing on my loci, my lists, my mind maps, and so for me I have to say that that works soo much better than Srepetition. I mean, every little piece of info necesitates its own kind of attention, and its own unique way of being recalled, reviewed. When I go through a journey, I stumble differently upon each location, and I take an adapted approach to enhance my chances of getting it even better next time, by adding, by adding another technique, by adding it to another journey of things similar I have just forgotten, and by so many other ways etc.

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In my experience it is simply not true that if you recall ANY info by respecting these guidelines it will help more. One second Anki will be telling to review this one thing 10 times and another completely different thing 10 times, no matter what, except my input of 1 to4 or 1 to 2 easy or hard… Anki should have 1 to 100s of those optionsn to be optimal, and could be further individualized accord to how every mind proceeds and processes the different info. We are more different than I thought when I first started with Anki… ok, wow, that got me chatting :slight_smile: sorry

Thanks Kinma for the sheet,
I have been trying to hire someone from fiverr etc to make this kind of excel sheet, but no one is ready to do it.

Secondly, when I copy paste the sheet from your spreadsheet to mine, the formulas doesn’t work. Could you please tell me how to use it?

Thanks and regards

Please could you give me a new link to download this spreadsheet?

Because the current link is not available anymore… and I need so much a spreadsheet like that!
Thank you

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Does anyone have the spreadsheet file? @Josh

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I don’t have a copy.

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Based on this system I made a new one:

Make a copy for your personal use.
Feel free to amend it.

I added dates for when a subject is due and checkboxes so you can check the ones you have done.

Also I made the checkboxes red if they are due: