Photo Reading Myth or Fake?!

so I was looking for good reading tips on youtube till i stumbled upon a news video about photo reading.
basically its reading a whole book under 30mins or so. and i see the person flipping through pages per second like he has photographic memory. Apparently the course is 250 dollars.

Does anyone in the forum know how to photoread?
if so what is really happening when you do it (and can you teach me cuz 250 seems to much for a student X_X)?

Of course, after your link I went here:

Next, as I usually do with something that perks my interest I go to Google and search on “item scam” – I like to see what the Amazon book readers have to say

To try this I will use a textbook with questions at the end, and much summarized at the end of a chapter…Too, a textbook sub-divide a chapter, which is helpful for mind maps I do mentally usually

I have my doubts of anything about “mental photography” – All speed reading pushes what he does about the pre-reading stage

Here is what I do for speed reading: from my RSS feeds, I do put them in Word and use its Autoscroll feature for speed…I pay particular attention seeing clumps, e.g., “from the following providers” as one word…For long articles and books I can copy from and then paste, I have used for over five years daily this unknown awesome program:

Photo reading is a fake, I tried it myself and it doesn’t help even a little.

Thanks! I’m going to try to use those methods. And I think the program will help me a lot. :smiley:
1 question about speed reading. Sometimes I think I’m going to fast and not getting anything in my head, how do I inprove comprehension when it comes to speed reading?

You should read at a speed that you feel comfortable with and able to comprehend what you read. Then you start pushing yourself fast each time. Have a friend or family member quiz you over the stuff you read to see if you comprehended what you read.

FOR ME, speed reading and memory work depends on why I am doing it…Not being in school, nor trying for any competitions or records, I read as fast as need be…By this I mean, with an insurance policy, for example, my reading speed slows to a crawl, while with most of my RSS reading, I do a lot clumping of words…For example, when I see an RSS feed from here, I come here, do a speed scan to see first if the topic is of interest…If so, I drill in ever deeper…
If it is about a proprietary method, I do a search on it, particularly what other users say…If I like what I find, then I search YouTube to see it in action and responses
I keep up Microsoft Office OneNote to keep any notes by copying and pasting into it
If you put something in Word, then use Autoscroll you can increase your speed to the reading scrolling by very fast…As I read, the more I find it useful the slower I go, while if it is fluff, I move the speed

In essence, speed reading must be placed in the context of your personal need and therefore adjusted up or down
Next, how much do you already know about the topic, i.e., are you expanding your knowledge on the topic, or learning from scratch about the topic

Hi Norbr, I gave some tips on speed reading here.
Hope that helps!

Thanks!! All of your comments help :slight_smile:

From what I read and tried about Photoreading, it is basically your usual speed reading course with subconscious triggering added in. That subconscious step in their speed reading method is what makes them different from your standard speed reading methods and is a great part of their marketing angle. Those videos or claims about photoreading or any speed reading course where you see them flip through books in seconds are a bit misleading, since they are not showing the initial process of speed reading. You have to read the book entirely (or not, depending on your purpose) before getting to that last step of photoreading.

If you have any idea of any speed reading methods or if you’ve read the actual steps in photoreading, you would know that flipping through the pages is but a part of the steps/process. You get to that part (scanning/flipping) when you are already familiar with the book. By that time, you probably have read the book several times.

We cannot say that it is fake because to people who are very intuitive, those who can somehow manage their subconscious mind, will be benefit from this speed reading method.

Photoreading also employs some visualization, much like in what mnemonists are doing, where they recommend you to visualize the words/sentence/paragraph is suggesting, which will make it more memorable.

Also, like in any skill, practice is essential. And reading is a skill that can be honed.