Organizing the best forum posts

We can create sticky posts here.

If the process is automated, I can combine various numbers (bookmarks, likes, time spent, replies, etc.) to see if there is a certain combination that turns up good results.

It might be hard to combine automation with manual editing, unless I pre-populate a list of posts in a wiki-post like the one mentioned above, and then users help to maintain it.


I have given it much more thought while gathering posts of examples and reading and rereading comments here.

For the time being, I believe we should categorize instead of trying to qualify.

Instead of “best posts with examples” why not just “posts with examples”

I’ve also realized that there are too many examples lost throughout the thread s so I have decided to round up only the ones with actual “real-life” content.

So as long as there is the with what . So not just the what, why and/or how… And I am doing so arbitrarily. I hope I am being clear enough!

So I am not taking these posts here, no matter how useful they could be :

"I transformed what I wanted to remember into an image in this manner and placed it on my couch… "

But I am taking:

“I 've placed a man sized mush room (manger) kiss ing (qui est-ce?) a quivering (qui veut) champagne bottle (champignon) …”.
And perfectly recalled : “who wants to eat mushrooms” in French, even though my images used we’re not in perfect order!

That makes a long enough list of examples and surrounding these are other great posts if the user wants more of the why and how.

Josh’s model of Link + title/description makes it easy for anyone to go through it quickly and pick out what he/she is curious about.

In the future, being able add tags to individual posts which in return


You are quite right. None of those measurements actually assess the usefulness of the contributions. But we need a way to maintain this without requiring too much effort or maintenance. Best would be to have a council of wise men & women evaluate each entry but that’s unrealistic. Any other ‘metric’ is going to be less than ideal but that’s the practicality.


What about ‘self publishing’? This allows for the possibility that someone might prepare an article to post with the intention of then adding it to the list of links. On the one hand that could be a reasonable thing to do, on the other hand you bypass any selection process. And of course there’s the issue of people’s feelings.

Also, there’s a feedback effect. Posts that are not visited often are pushed to the bottom which means they often won’t even be considered. A topic might be ignored for a while before someone takes an interest and gets the conversation going. Such threads might never get that chance.


There are posts with examples categorized with the #examples tag. If someone sees a post by another user that should be tagged, click the share button and send me the link as a private message and I’ll add the tag.

Another idea is for me to query posts that have been bookmarked by a selection of curators. Instead of querying all bookmarked posts, just query posts from those designated curators. (Just brainstorming here.)


Sorry about that, I didn’t know. I never noticed an option to add a tag to my post. can’t see it here either for this one. Perhaps you meant Thread?


Good point – it only works for threads, not posts. :thinking:

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Based on the poll above, it looks like there are at least 5 people who would be interested in being “curators”, meaning that their personal bookmarks could be used to submit “best of” content (that would then be sorted by a script). What if I mock-up a prototype of that feature over the next few days and we can see if it works well?


So, the curators are to BM the posts they select and the site logs this?


I’m thinking that I can query the database for posts that are bookmarked by those users and then organize them by category, tag, and/or content, possibly using other data to weigh them. I could also do some final editing after the initial query to be sure that the content is in the right place.

If the bookmarking doesn’t work out well, I might be able to add an extra icon that could send posts into the lists.

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Five people is a good number for the Curators IMO. Then a final adjustment by Josh as needed. Sounds like a very good idea and thank you to those who stepped up. I’m available if needed but I think 5 is a good start.

After the initial effort and the dust settles, there should also be a channel for us mortals down below to provide feedback. I suppose registered members can simply come to this forum and suggest new topics or posts that they think have been missed. Perhaps sacrifice a chicken before making one’s appeal to the Curators?

In that vein I will mention two difficult issues which come up regularly are representing abstractions as memorable images and memorizing texts verbatim.

Frozen chicken is on sale at the local market today. Do I need one or two?

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I’ll look into doing this soon. I just have a couple of other things to finish first.

Would we include references to external articles? Psychology & Neurology of memory? This is not original material from the forum but a list of links that had been selected as useful by people who do practice memory techniques would be added value.

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I think the best place to post references to articles on psychology and neurology of memory is in this section. That way people can comment on them, and the same system for organizing other useful threads/posts can be used.

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I didn’t forget about this idea — I’m going to finish dealing with the spam problem, and then will get to it. :construction:


I have the beginnings of this set up and just need some data. If anyone would like to have their bookmarks sent into a curation queue, send me a private message and I’ll add your user ID to the SQL query. Your bookmarks won’t necessarily end up in the curated section, but they will be included in the initial queries. (Final results might get hand-edited.)

The extracted content won’t live update, but will be pulled into lists when a script is run occasionally. The lists (possibly with excerpts to preview) can then link people directly to the content in the posts. I’m not sure how much data will come in. Before building something more complex, it would be a good idea to see if the basic idea is useful to visitors. :slight_smile:

Feedback is welcome.

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That’s great Josh. Thank you.

I like your iterative approach. Let’s see how this goes and take it from there.

I am sure it will be an asset to the site. Refining the material increases value. Right now one has to search through a large junk pile to find gems and nuggets.

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