My mind keeps repeating songs in playback the whole day

Aaaaaaaaah my mind is torturing me playing tracks of a music in playback the whole day (not literally; sometimes I forget) and it is literally hitting my nerves. Some times when I listen to a music it starts playing in playback in my mind. Does anyone here with autism/Asperger syndrome faces or faced the same issue and how to get rid of it? Gosh.

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I don’t think I have asperger syndrome or autism but I faced this issue too, particularly with multitudes of songs at a time in some cases. I even ended up experiencing this with speech at some point, replaying dialogue(what people have said or are likely to say), unwillingly.

The solution that worked for me (completely), was to try a special kind of meditation.

I would explain it, but I read about it in a manga called Baby Steps (after watching the anime), in chapter 184.

The explanation there is much better than how I would explain it. That however, is the only thing that ever has worked for me, for this particular thing.

It started off slowly but by the second session onward I already noticed decreases, at some point I completely got rid of them and could stop them at will, without another iteration.

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I will read tomorrow. By the way, samadhi means something like full connection; it is like when your mind ceases through profound meditation; you are in complete meditation and you and God becomes the same thing (the concept is mystic; I know), because God is nothing and everything.

If you can find a catchy song that you do like, you might be able to start intentionally playing that one back in your head to cut off the undesirable one. If it doesn’t work with the first song, try a song that has an unusual feature like a complex meter (5/4, 7/8, etc.).

You might be able to use that trait to your advantage by picking up an instrument if you don’t already play one. Sounds and music repeat in my head, and it definitely helped me with music. I also listen to music in the background whenever possible in order to drown out the other things. If you pick complex music to listen to instead of simple pop music, you can train your ears at the same time. I’ve been working on training my ears to detect microtones better lately, just by listening in the background.


Also on the spectrum and I find it difficult. What helps for me is replacing the song or distracting myself with something else, e.g. a sodoku.

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Yes, I know this very well. Sometimes a song or melody comes into my mind that I heard only once ten or twenty years ago, yet it haunts me just like you described. As if a radio was playing beside my head. I don’t try to drive it away anymore, but just let it play. Usually it wears off after some days and stays away afterwards.

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