My double card system

My shadow system is based on ideas shared by @erol and @Oscar4. My Shadow System will have three modifications made by me:

1 ° - I use a system of shapes instead of the phonetic alphabet;

2 ° - Images already defined;

3° - a number for each of the 8 suit combinations.

I want to finish the system in 30 days, working at least 50 images a day.

To memorize the images, I will apply Dominic O’Brien’s spaced repetition.



Number for each suit pair:

:spades::spades: - 1
:clubs::clubs: - 1

:spades::clubs: - 2
:clubs::spades: - 2

:heart::diamonds: - 3
:diamonds::heart: - 3

:heart::heart: - 4
:diamonds::diamonds: - 4

:spades::heart: - 7
:heart::spades: - 7

:spades::diamonds: - 5
:diamonds::spades: - 5

:clubs::heart: - 6
:heart::clubs: - 6

:clubs::diamonds: - 8
:diamonds::clubs: - 8


Any particular reason you call it shadow system instead or just double card system. This might end up being very confusing considering the shadow system uses the major system very much on purpose if you read the original post; and you are planning on using a shape system instead.

My double card system” might be a better title.

As stated above the shadow system is using the major system, so when \spadesuit\spadesuit is translated into S that’s the same as 0 but why make it a number first, to then turn it into a letter. Similar question for you, why don’t you convert the suit pair into a shape, rather than into a number first, and then into a shape.

Not sure that’s a modification… since you already mentioned only 8 suit pairs instead of 16, the total number of images is only half the images anyways and the shadow system doesn’t suggest that you make them up on the fly… they are usually defined, as you call it.

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It’s ok.

Could you give me an example?

My system is different because it already has selected images, inspired by this topic.


It is totally understandable to call it shadow system because the way his gonna memories the cards is the same as shadow system, but the way he is gonna learn the image for each pair is different to the major system version of the shadow system.

After certain practice, you no longer need to convert the suit pair into numbers, you will just see them as it. This is what I already tried with my single card system, I trained my self to see the suit’s colour and shape respectively, out of the corner of my eyes whiles focusing on the number of card, and I would know what number it is or what image I had for it if it is: king, queen, Jack. Here’s my result, and thing is, I don’t even practice much with my single digit, system (too many can’t be bothered XD) but because I started trying to see them straight off, my scores improves dramatically. For numbers today I went 80 in 53s even though I didn’t get 100%, but it was a huge improvement upon the conversion speed from numbers to image, because there was, NO.SUB.VOCALISATION. :smiley:


Though yes, in my opinion, by having the 2 spade pair as 0 has the slight advantage as Ben’s system has been explored more hence more feed back can be given. I personally haven’t decide to have my suit pair as 1 or 0 yet tbh, as I haven’t even finish my new 000-999 system. Just still browsing around and deciding slowly, which is important. Meditation each day helps too, just take a moment to think about the joy of life, then warm up your memory palace after making them. Reuse them after a few days, though I read that Alex Mullen only refuse palace after some weeks XD.

Also don’t be too harsh if you don’t hit your goal, I did that as I made my first 1352 shadow system, and in the end I went lazy and my attitude towards it was really bad, mayby that’s why I find it hard to use it as I can’t recall who is who, because I had stop believing in it. Though I started my new one real fast because I am more experience (I like to think I am), so yeah enjoy the process over the month origen as you make them because it will make all the difference. Dont be afraid to change them too, I know it can be frustrating when deciding to change the old image assigned.


One way I use to remember my new system is having 8 grand scale memory palace(specific places, they don’t cross over), with 169 locations for each. For example, spade/spade combo is placed in my old school, so if I forget what 10spade/10spade is, I fly over my high school and begin the walk until shaper system kicks in and tells me that’s it. Note: For cards, 10 and 10 pair is 0 0 for me, not 1010

But usually I just try to associate the image assign to the suit pairs. For example A spade/ 4 spade is a deer to me, the way I associate it to the deer is to either see the 14 as the deer or make it interrat with the deer, but seeing the deer as 14 is most effective. Here’s the best image I picked, see if you can get what I mean (open the imagination and let it flow :wink:


54 is umbrella because the disable person is holding up an umbrella (educational purpose, not been mean).

74 is like under the cliff grows the mushrooms :wink:


It’s a good one :slight_smile:

Do you also apply an action to each of your 2 digit number?
Each of my 2 digit image has also an action, a sound, size, clues.
74 for me is the shape of an Automatic Gun, so it shoots the next 2 digit’s image.
I like your 74, does the mushroom have an action such as a Growing action?

Your scores are impressive! It;s obviously working well for you.


Sure… have a look at the original #shadow-system post and the major system letter-number pairs:

\spadesuit\spadesuit\ |\ \heartsuit\heartsuit are both S = 0
\clubsuit\clubsuit\ |\ \diamondsuit\diamondsuit are both K = 7
\spadesuit\heartsuit\ |\ \heartsuit\spadesuit are both T = 1
\clubsuit\diamondsuit\ |\ \diamondsuit\clubsuit are both P = 9

…with only 8 suit pairs and 10 digits available, R = 4 and 8 = F are not being used for suit pairs. However, they are being used when Jacks or Queens are in the first position and in that case you’d also read the face card before you read the suit pair.

I doubt that, because Kings are read as H when in the first position or silent when in the second position… so how can that be the same when you doesn’t use phonetics. There is no need for the when you use shapes instead… or is he gonna drop the shape for the King when in the second position?

…and what do you see A4 (or 14) as when it’s any of the other 15 suit pairs?

That’s fair enough but you said “Images already defined” which is not different from the shadow system because “Images [are] already defined” there as well, so that’s not a modification as you call it.

Anyways, good luck with it… hope it works out for you. Let us know next months then about your progress over the 30 days you allotted to finish the system. So, if I understand you correctly this is a 3-digit shape system then?

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I understand.

You’re right, I think I was wrong in that part.

Yes, it is a three digit shape system. The reason I use a shape system is because I have dyslexia, shapes make more sense than letters.


What’s your method of creating a three digit shape system?

The number shape system is to match the shapes of the numbers into tangible images that looks like those numbers. That’s how I created my system aka “the shaper system”. It was hard for me to find 100 images, and then assigning actions and sounds and etc to each of them was another challenge I had to spend a lot of time with.

But trying to find 1000 images in number shapes would take a huge amount of time. You’d then have to assign an action to each of them, and then make a huge effort to practice it. All of which will take crazy amount of time.

You can of course use the number shape system with 2 digits and by adding a shape/action you can then convert it into a 3 digit. This means that you can still use it as a 2 digit system and able to memorise 3 or 5 digits at a time by using the single digit as the actions. However, this is not recommended for competition, 4 digits at a time works best for me and for a lot of people.

But if you insist on 1000 images, then I’d recommend The Major System. This way you will be able to read the digits as letters and it will remind you of the corresponding image/action.

I am trying to find a method to facilitate this.

That was my initial idea, but as you said, this is not good for competition.

If I realize that a shape system is very difficult, I will opt for this alternative.

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I believe if you let your imagination go wild you can do it.

And I also find this an amazing opportunity to develop further the skill of creating images from anything to later place in a Memory Palace or Journey.

I would actually only use palaces and journeys to place whichever images that come up so it forces to review them with associations, develop the skill further to creates palaces and modify them and play with the images and then and learn to move these images throughout a series of palaces to create even more associations… and I’ll stop there. there are countless ways one could go about this but again, I really believe you can do it.

Taking a random three digit number and imagining something out of it. might be tough at the beginning but it becomes easier and faster and fun.

I have a number system, but instead I have been making up images for the numbers I need to memorize for a while now, because I’ve noticed that it kept my imagination alive, and made it much easier and natural for me to memorize what I need to memorize by creating images out of anything and placing them in my palaces.

P.S you can trick yourself by flipping an image so for example your 057 could also be 750… Perhaps you’re like me and can do this naturally…

Also other tricks like : let’s say almost all your fruits are 0 , you can place them by size , let say 011 is a blueberry, 012 can be a small blue grape, 013 an green apple,… 018 a coconut, 019 a watermelon…

The same with animals…

Many things to try to make this work, just do it and have fun doing it :octopus:

What would your water animals be? Cheers!


If you use a 2 digit system such as the shaper system, it is also good for competing as long as you don’t convert it into a 3 digit system by adding a single number shape from 0-9.

If you already have the images as number shapes from 00-99 , then you can use them as they are by just adding “0” to them to convert it into a 3 digit system, and then use the major system for the rest of the digits. So instead of 00-99, you’d have 000-099 for the first 100 digits.


Can you give all the steps of your system in your first post please please my friend :frog:

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I have changed a little
in your system for myself.
Your method is only applicable for spade/spade so I considered it as
I also use major system.
And create 169 picture name
In four category
Spade/spade (black colour image)
Diamond/Diamond (red colour image)
Club / Club (all colour things other than red and
Heart/ Heart ( all my favorite or liked things)
In this work I use major + shaper + my
pronunciation system )


Thanks, and yes I have specific action for all. 18 is candy toffee for me, so whatever the next 2number image is, it is gonna pop out of the candy wrap. Though for game modes like 30min numbers I recommend just let it flow, use some different actions along the way, repetition is not easy to remember at times.


Spade and spade is same as heart and heart, and the 169 images is stored in only one location out of 8. But do what you love, experiment, it is the way to improve because finding your way yourselve is more treasurable :wink:

And just a tip, by making your first 1352, however crap it can be, and just staring them in one memory journey, you will jump, your mental state becomes another level, it is the same as training for 30min and recall the numbers or cards or things you remembered in that time, but more dramatic. You have to try to know. Like I said, I ditch my first 1352 because too many people, but that made me improve in names
From average of around 12, to as high as 25 in 60s (I actually remember all 30 because when I see the answer I go ah damn it)


And just all of you know, mental patients can kill themselves, lots of people decide to do it when alone out of hospital. Their thought process release hormones and deteriorates the body more. Just as your imagination will be limited to 2 digit “shaper system”, you are only limited by your imagination. Just have them in different worlds lol, the first number is the world they are in (water, desert, Mars…) second number is landscaPe, and third is the thing.

like 074:
4 looks like a mushroom
Mushroom grows under the cliff which is smashed by waves daily. But see the image, make it play in one go like - wave hits cliff and mushroom grew. Simple as that lol, this helps you know what image the number is, just like major system, where you pronounce to find what it is, but here you see the story which leads you to what it is. Over time you will see it straight off, I know cos I have done just that.

So make it, @Origen, make it go fourth, don’t worry about how it is gonna turn when you haven’t finish it. So what if it ends up useless, believe in it and it will give back to you. Also review it at least once, I believe you will see huge improvement at the end of it. So make a long long journey to fit the all in okay :slight_smile:


I had a similar idea thanks to @cameri. The idea I had was to categorize the numbers from 0 to 9 according to the shape of the number, for example: 0 may be aerial birds because it looks like an egg, But your idea is very interesting, I think I’ll need more time reflecting lol