Most useful info for students


I am in the process of working with my 10 year old twins to build a massive memory palace and we are brainstorming on what to fill it with.

The idea is to fill it with items that will be generally helpful through their school years. So far we have come up with list of all the countries in the world, the US states, the list of constellations, the periodic table, list of Canadian Prime Ministers (we’re Canadian) and the kings and queens of England.

I’d love to hear people’s ideas on other useful info we could use to populate the memory palace that could be drawn upon during their years of schooling.

(Josh Cohen) #2

There might be some ideas in the memory challenges section. Another idea is to look through a book on general facts like An Incomplete Education by Judy Jones and William Wilson.


That’s great. Thanks very much Josh.

Also keen to hear other ideas if anyone has “must learn” ideas.

(vaibhav kapoor) #4

Thank you so much Josh for your valuable reply.keep posting:smiley:

(ant) #5

I think most of the benefit sounds like it will come from using memory palaces in general. What they are learning and putting in them at age 10 probably doesn’t really matter as long as its some useful topic.

But once they enter college they will already having been memorizing things properly for 8 years so I can only imagine if it works out they would be 99.9999999999999%tile in heavy memorization classes pending they have at least an averagish IQ