Mnemonic Techniques with kids


Thank you, this is great! I’m completely new to the memory game. I was going to go it alone. After seeing what you did with your daughter I now realize my 9yo son and I can learn together. Now it seems like it will be something fun for the both of us!


today my little girl turned six :slight_smile: so time for a little update I guess haha

for as far as I know, she has 3 memory palaces/journeys. The lego city extended to 50 loci (though she does mix up a few of them occasionally). Her room has 10 loci and the living room has 25. She still uses her stuffed animals for the number 0-9.

she mainly loves memorizing numbers, to annoyance of her teacher as “she is supposed to play with other kids”. She loves working with a simplified linking system using markers to tell the order. 2 stuffed animals per locus, one male and one female, with the female being the first number in de sequence. That helps her to know if she has to memorize 59 or 95. Currently she is on 54 digits of pi, though she still occasionally mixes up a few. She is making improvements!

We also still do grocery lists, with the bedroom and living room palaces used for that. each room for a different store, where she memorizes 10 and 25 items. Usually she gets around 1 or 2 mistakes. sometimes 3 or 4. Rarely more than that. Soon I don’t have to memorize my grocery lists anymore.

Not sure if the game is called the same in your countries, around here we call it ‘memory’, the game with all the pictures uppside-down and you have to find two matching pictures. We do that a lot too. Her dad does not like playing against her anymore now.


Thanks for sharing the update about your daughter. Does she use a technique to play the memory card game?

For shopping lists, I’ve always used a body palace, but I like your idea of using different rooms for different stores better. Very cool.

I’ve gone into my daughter’s 3rd grade class 3 times (plus 1 time for a review) to teach them the US presidents. I do 10 locations with one president per location each time I go in. It takes about 15 minutes. A lot of the kids know the first 30 US presidents now (forwards and backwards, of course) and a number of them have gone home to ask their parents to quiz them :slight_smile:

I also find that peg lists work really well as an introduction for both kids and adults. In my experience, it has a lower learning curve that the journey method. You can also use an alphabet peg list to teach kids to play the Images game on Memory League – just come up with 26 actions/images (one for each letter of the alphabet) and put the last 4 images in working memory (there are 30 images). I’ve given my daughter the list to look at while she played and did the custom option with 5 minutes on the timer. She got all 30, no problem.

Simon Orton came up with this method so we can call it the Simon O System (so as not to confuse people with Simon Reinhard).


I guess it has been awhile since I have been back so let me finish the story about memorizing the US states. Both my kids (now 10 - boy and girl twins) can now do them in alphabetically without difficulty. My daughter used it in an interesting way for her school talent show. She partnered up with a friend to put on a “mind reading” demonstration. My daughter had her back to the stage with a list of all the US states on the screen behind her so the audience could see, her partner could see but she could not. She then proceeded to “figure out” that her partner was looking at a list of the US states and she listed them. Everyone was highly impressed and spent the next few days asking her to read their mind.

We are now working on building a Massive Memory Palace using a technique like Gavino’s that I am hoping they’ll be able to use for school related stuff over the years as well as some permanent memory stuff (all the countries in the world, constellations etc.)

Can’t describe how much I appreciate this site and all you folks who my family and I keep learning so much from.


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That was great read Mayarra!

I actually used the Number SHAPE to teach my 5 year old to write numbers . Her problem is that she writes the numbers 5,6,7 as mirror images and now after using images as the clue , she has learnt to write the numbers every single time.