Mental "Reverse Lookup"

I recently watch the YouTube video of Professor Yip who’d memorised the entire Cambridge Chinese-English dictionary. He was able to say what the 10th word on page 250 was. Which I get, because he’d encoded it with the Major system for the page, and Loci for the words and definitions.

But he was also able to tell the interviewer the page and word number based on only the word. How did he manage this type of “reverse lookup”? Is there a method, or just because he spend 6 months learning the words, he knows where they are?


I guess this would just be due to the associations working both ways. If you associate A with B, so that when you are given A you can respond with B, it’s likely that if you were given B you could respond with A.

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I’ve written about that before here…

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That is very useful! Thanks.

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