Memory Training

Hi there everyone.Hope u all having a nice time.I want to ask u people that how can the memory training help us in memorising the concepts of different subjects that we student study in schools and colleges.Plzz give the explanation with certain examples.Thanks

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Memory training helps a lot actually it makes memorizing more easier

Here some tips …

So training in general would help you use these techniques more efficiently by enhancing your creativity creating different stories like very fast.

Wish that could help you understand the relationship, because after all a “book” is nothing more than a list of facts and numbers, and it will be more easier if you put all that together by understanding the topic very well and then decide what should I memorize, because for sure you don’t have to memorize every book line by line, or word by word, just memorize the key words, and then use your left brain(logic part particualry) to integrate these information in one picture, it’s a theme of full memory party that strengthen your ability to understand because you have a good data base of information in your head.

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which specific topic or topics are you inquiring about?

I m asking about the “homework,test and study help” topic.

Sorry I meant to say which subjects
IE, english, math, biology, history, psychology, chemistry, physics, etc.

A few techniques are fairly overarching but different subjects require slightly different variations in approach.

History, bio, psych and more factoid type subjects work well with image capture, memory palace, and PAO (person, action, object) with priority going to person, action, object. there are several examples of this system on the site as it and memory palace are the foundational techniques for most things. Of course along with spaced repetition which can be accomplished by self dictated schedules or anki/quizlet/memorang.

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Thanx alot.