Memory in magic


(Zen) #23

Nice snap change :ok_hand:

(Ben Daggers) #24

I joined here for the same reason - to incorporate some memorization into my magic.

I use Mnemonica for a few routines, and have my own stack memorized too, but have a new routine which needs real in-the-moment memorization to work. It is based on Pit Hartling’s great “Unforgettable” routine (in Card Fictions) but using a borrowed, shuffled deck.

I’m trying to get 13 cards memorized in under 20 seconds, which is proving to be quite difficult! With a lot of practise I got down to under 40 seconds, but still a long way to go. Also, for the routine PAO won’t really be practical, so I’m doing one card per loci (locus?) but then only need to use 13 for the routine.

If any magicians are curious about the handling then let me know. I think it will be very fooling when it’s finished :slight_smile:

(Andreas) #25

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Lynne Kelly) #26

It took me a while to look at it! Sorry. That’s a lovely snap change. So clean! I love colour changes. I haven’t yet incorporated one into anything I do. One day.

(Andreas) #27

Thanks! :v:t2:

(Zen) #28

So iv been thinking it’s Easy enough to do 12 cards and just repeat them in your head and then seperate them into red/black…so if u grouped them into 6 cards rather than 3 it would give almost half the deck just repeating it in your head. The question is how many possibilities would there be? Not sure how to work it out.