Memorizing Your Life Story / Daily Diary (inspiration - DoubleHelix)

how much time you have to spend eaxh day for to do this? and
why is useful?

I tried this a few times.

The longest I did was just 2-3 months.
I’m the kind of person who tries to get and enjoy alone time for various reasons.

When I have a moment allone , such as in the buss, eating dinner or waiting in a line,
I use it to :

  • Study for school
  • plan socializing
  • get updated on the news
  • Meditate on different matters, such as algorithms, introspection, personal matters, random aspects of life

And lastly, review some memories from memory palaces or mnemonics.

Personally, it turns out that all the rest is more important t to me than memorising a journal.

So I always end up realising that I spent 3-4 days without journaling my life, and that nothing worth memorising happened during g that time.

So I usually end up giving up the journal all together :confused:

But I’m also someone who never wrote more than 2 consecutive days in a journal despite trying multiple times to hold one up to date …Looks like day to day things and dates just doesn’t matter to me ^^°

I am 3 months into this. And for the most part I have everything but am in a confusing metamorphosis. I expect after I sort this out I will have lost 4 or 5 days. But they may very well come floating back. : ) Anyone else still up to this? It’s an old post