Memorize Textbook

How to recall shot time???

Are you trying to improve recall time? (recall in a shorter amount of time?)


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I updated the title so that people can find your post more easily.

What kind of information are you memorizing?

Text book

What part are you having trouble with? Could you describe the process you’re using?

I can not memories account subject

Is the problem with memorizing or with recall?

Can you post a detailed, step-by-step explanation of what you are trying and where you’re getting stuck? It would help if you could write an example of the exact information you’re trying to memorize and the technique that you’re using.

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How can I memorize a textbook and recall the information what are the techniques and how to use theme so i can understand and translate to my language .i have some books about memory techniques but i need to read and translate to my language .so i need to know how to memorize a textbook I have an exam next month.

If you haven’t seem them yet, there are some links here: How Do I Memorize a Book? and How to Memorize a Textbook.

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Thank you I will check the links