memorising a poetic play

need help memorising The Merchant of Venice by shaksphere. Its in shakesphere English and its hard to memorise word for word to put in memory palaces. help pls

Can you give a passage or something that you’re struggling with? What have you done with memory palaces previously?


Hey NIczholaz! No doubt this reply is a bit tardy (lol), but I saw your post and wanted to reply in case you ever come across this situation again. What I do when I come across Old-English verbiage is to think of a modern word that sounds similar and create a mnemonic image based on that. If we take the phrase, “hitherto undreamt of” :slight_smile: we would obviously need to change that a bit. “Hitherto” could become “hisser tooth” and an image of a snake with buck teeth. “undreamt of” could become “under rim off” and an image of a basketball player dunking a basketball under the rim of a goal. Combine the two, he could be dunking a snake with buck teeth under the rim of a goal. You see how that works? That might not be the best example, but I could work.

Not to be nitpicking or anything, but…

Shakespeare is considered Early Modern English, which is the transition from Middle English (late 15th century) to Modern English (mid-to-late 17th century).

Beowulf on the other hand is Old English, which is the earliest historical form of English (early Middle Ages until the Norman conquest of England in 1066).

This is what Old English looks like (opening lines from Beowulf):
Hwæt we gardena ingear dagum, þeod cyninga þrym ge frunon huða æþelingas ellen fremedon.

bjoern.gumboldt: you are absolutely correct! :slight_smile: