Learning bible names

Hello I need help to remember bible names example ; Corinthians, Galatians, Revelation etc

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I have a document that helps me memorize the Bible books and scriptures. It’s called Scripture design and found in my Bible memorization folder on my site where I store documents. You’ll see a download button when you click on the document.

The book names are based on mostly substitute words with a few number pegs so I can remember the order. If you have any questions, let me know.

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Hello could you give an example say Ephesians 4:5
Thank you

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@sonneta, there is quite a bit of structure built in to the scriptures for the purpose of memorization of exact text. You can do a search on the topic of bible-memorization or look for my posts with the search term of 7711 to see. I understood you to need just the book names with substitute words. But adding the chapter and verse number gets you in more deeply into my system layers. But here’s the scripture you ask for:

The bolded words refer to the substitute word or the Major system digit to sound number peg.

  • Ephesians - the flea-ridden pet store (the terrain)
  • Chapter 4 - following the story from 3, the torn apart emu had eaten stuffed fish toys and roe from the fish is now falling out of the bird. (the item)
  • Verse 5 - the verse helps me select the number peg but because this is a part of the phrase from verse 4, I wouldn’t choose to convert it to a number peg as just remember it as part of verse 4. A peg word for 5 would be wail or howl (the action) if you needed one though so the emu could do something.
  • visual sentence = The emu in the pet store wails as the roe falls out of its insides.

What is your purpose in remembering the Bible books?


Hello how long do I study for each day trying to remember

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It depends on what you want to remember and how much you want to remember. What is your goal or purpose?

I want to learn the bible scriptures and the associated word I put with that scripture

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@sonneta, that’s very commendable that you want to learn scripture and a topic word. The top four things that will determine your time for learning will be your past familiarization with the Bible, your ability to use memory systems, the type of system you choose, and your study and review time.

My system as I’ve outlined it in the topic of my 7711 system, which I recommended you to search for, is based on many mnemonic systems and took several years to get comfortable with.

I’m looking for a simpler system that is able to memorize verbatim text but have not found any. The books that are published about Bible memorization that I have checked out all recommend ‘brute force’ contemplation and repetition.

Good luck in finding something that works for you, your goals, and your time you have to use for study.

(I may not be seeing your replies to me if you don’t use the reply button or use my name in your post. :wink:)

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My stories are not long as I have learning difficulties and hope I can learn the bible chapter and verse, that I want.
I think I’ve got the idea but may need help as I feel I want to give up. :frowning:

2 Cor 8-12…
Mnemonics do require study. You may want to just try repeating it, a little at a time until you can remember the whole verse. Do it every day until it sticks. Also pray about it and meditate on it throughout the day. God bless you.

Thank you for your time. I watched Anthony Metivier he says study each day for a month

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