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I’m looking for people to study Japanese with using memory techniques. I am a beginner using Genki, Tae Kim and Remembering the Kanji. I am using 104 pegs for each hiragana character to remember vocab and images made from the primitives in remembering the kanji. My method from remembering kanji is very effective. The method for vocab needs some work, I have some good ideas but could use help.

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Might find something interesting here:

Can I ask why you need 104 pegs for hiragana? That’s twice as many pegs as there is hiragana in the table.


Thanks for the reply! The hiragana table usually shown is somewhat deceptive. There are 46 regular hiragana, but をis only ever used as a particle so I don’t have a peg for that. Then comes the 25 hiragana with stressed consonants which I have separate images for. I also have 33 separate images for hiragana augmented with や, ゆ and よ. And finally one for tiny つ.

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By “stressed consonants” do you mean “voiced consonants”? The ones indicated with dakuten (I think is the word?)? If so you only have to memorize that the two little marks indicates that it’s voiced.

Yes I mean voiced consonants. I am using a peg system to memorize hiragana. A peg system is where you give images to items in order to remember them, usually by using some other method (in this case i’m using loci). I decided to give separate pegs, aka images, for hiragana with dakuten. I ordered the hiragana from 1 to 104 as described above and used the major system to come up with images. I am using two images per hiragana, a person and an object. Hope that clears it up

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