Is this a solid way to learn 1,000s of Bible verses?


No bother to wait. I always have something to work with it seems with improving the memory system I use.

For temporary recall I believe that a multi-purpose palace is a good thing because you want something you can clean out between uses and create weak associations to your information. But for long-term recall, one that has relevancy to your subject matter is very important because it will increase your associations to the information providing better links to it.

I call these either a top-down or a bottom-up approach to palace or path creation. (The path is one of four types of linked list storage in my 7711 system.) The Titanic virtual tour video you selected will dictate how your associations are made which will make you struggle with images and force bizarre associations which are good for short-term memory but not so much for long-term memory (at least from the research I’ve read. I’m open to discussion.)

If you were to use the Titanic as your palace, you would need a traversal method to use for finding your way around, as all paths need an ordered way to move from location to location. My way would be to draw out a map and then write a story about why the character you have chosen would be moving from room to room. The room/area itself is the palace location and can be decoded as either another path or an object. Object traversals have quite a few more types and can be split many times over to create a dense storage area if needed.

My Bible system is for long-term storage and uses a kind of bottom-up approach to tailor the information for relevancy. @LynneKelly repurposes her walk around her house for many types of info but I want a permanent single-purpose place for the Bible. The chapter locations are Major system pegs which suggest scenes and relate to the book images I started my system with.

The book of 2 Peter starts off entering a Swiss convent, chosen as a type of church that was in a high spot as opposed to 1 Peter which was in a low elevation.

  • Chapter 1 - Swinging wrought iron gates outside a scenic mountain convent open to a sprawling complex (no peg is used for first chapters and an entrance of some sort is substituted).
  • Chapter 2 - The convent has an attached inn serving muesli for breakfast on wooden table and benches.
  • Chapter 3 - Mother Superior (aka ma) leads the prayer before the breakfast meal for all the youth staying there.

There aren’t enough chapters to create a scene change as there are in other books. I found three to five chapters would create a scene. Then your verse number would be a Major system peg that was easy to recall and link into the story of the chapter. I haven’t memorized a verse from that book yet but I have one to do. It’s 2 Peter 3:9. The story would involve a peg for Mother Superior praying and may be a bee annoying her during her prayer, a boy running in to her, or her standing and falling off of a pew.

If you chose the boy running in to her, you would start your verse story substitutions with him being chased by a rich homeowner (the Lord) not being slow and catching him at a castle (keep) that he has to cross his heart at (the promise). This is sketchy since I haven’t put this one to memory but it shows you the method I use. I use and reuse quite a few custom dictionary substitutions between common words and useful images.

I hope this helps out and feel free to tell me your progress on if this is useful.


Hi Doug,
Thank you once again for taking the time to give such a full reply. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna be heading away from home for about 3 months soon, so might have to pick this all up and get started when I return, but thank you in advance for letting me get back to you if I need some more help or advice.

God bless you loads,


Enjoy your time away! I will still be here I think because I enjoy the experiences people have with using their memory. As a teacher, I am slowly putting together info and exercises for a memory training course, mostly because I enjoy organizing and understanding it. Maybe I’ll have it done by the time you get back.

God bless you, Doug

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Thank you Doug,
If you do complete the course, I would love to have a read. Actually, I have done quite a bit of proof-reading in the past, so if you want someone to go through it (checking for grammar, sentence structure, spelling mistakes and layout discrepancies) before you go ‘live’, I am happy to go through it. :+1::slight_smile:

God bless you and stay safe,

That’s very kind of you Steve. It’s what I would call a first draft stage with 30,000 words so far. I hope you are ready for a challenge! Much of it is my own experiences so there will be “lots to learn.”

God bless you, Doug

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