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IIRC there were some interesting posts on this website about people who don’t hear their own inner voice. The topic took me by surprise at the time–I guess I just took it for granted that everybody had an inner voice.

Anyway, today I came across an interesting video about the nature of the inner voice (for those of us who do hear voices in our head), so I thought I would share it.

Without further ado:

Understanding the Voices in Our Heads - YouTube


By “hear” does it mean that most people actually hear sounds? Some of my thoughts are done with words, but I don’t hear anything. I’m going to pay more attention to it now.

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Yes. Hearing sounds or more precisely the word as it is spoken, just in your head.

This for example means I assign a voice to your statement to read it. As I also do to my own thoughts/statements.

I have done quite a bit of training and self discovery on this, so I can say, it is possible to think without hearing the same way it is possible to have aphantasia and use mnemonics. If you focus deeply on your thoughts often there is this abstract event that occurs just prior where you already know what you are going to say before you say it in your head. It is possible to think with this, without uttering the full audio. However, it is less memorable.

When you read, by hearing voices, you feel kind of similar to when someone actually says these things to you emotionally. As with images, you can vary properties although not everyone is good at this. e.g voice used, rhythm,loudness, emotional tone.


In my experience, it is as if I hear my own voice much of the time, although I might also at times “hear” the voice of someone else, as when imagining a dialogue.


Yeah, this seems to match my experience.

It sounds like you have put some time and effort into understanding your own inner voice. Although I have contemplated mine many times, I did not reach many important conclusions. Now I will pay closer attention.

I would also like to mention that I do not always enjoy hearing my inner voice. It can be annoyingly persistent or repetitious at times. In some cases I employ strategies to simply drown it out—like reciting a mantra I learned when I was a teenager. At times I just want to quiet it down.

I still remember the first time I took a yoga class. As I was returning home I was shocked to realize the inner chatter had quieted right down. It came as a complete surprise to me that such a thing was possible: until that time, I fully equated the inner voice with thinking.


There are quite a lot of different aspects to it, like how you actively pay attention to language with it or keep a sentence/word in working memory.

After seeing the benefits of verbal reasoning, I have heavily investigated ways to improve this, which as a side effect helped me learn a lot about my inner voice.

I can understand this. I get a lot of earworms from music replaying in my head. This is one of the most difficult things to stop because it occurs subconsciously. I have found meditation to help. Particularly, the kind where I count my breath while actively focusing to avoid idle thoughts/sounds. When I do this I get less frequent earworms. I have also found to actually stop them, I need to pay attention to them and then drown them out. Often this leads to replaying them however.

It’s also possible to simply focus on a song without a voice to displace the other song, like with your mantra.

Lately, however, I have been slightly suffering from replayed conversations, when I am speaking to someone for a while and then later during the day my brain replays random parts in their voice. This can be quite annoying.

Although it isn’t unpleasant when it is sounds and voices I like, it can be distracting when working.

A month ago, I did some interesting meditation that completely shut off idle thoughts. I was also interestingly more able to focus after that then I would have been on default. However I need to rediscover exactly what I did back then as I haven’t gotten the same result (to the same intensity) again yet.


Actually, yeah. Earworms.

I found a very helpful trick. For me, earworms usually are a repetition of the most catchy part of the song. (Is that what is called the chorus?) They are the worst for songs where I have misheard the lyrics and have substituted my own.

It seems to help if I learn the entire lyrics correctly. Then each time the tune pops into my head I insist on singing the lyrics all the way through, from start to finish—instead of just the verse or two that my brain gets stuck on.

After a few rounds of the full song, my brain usually switches to a less annoying activity.


Unfortunately, this won’t work for me. My brain replays the full song from start to end to start again.
I almost never replay the chorus on it’s own unless it is a very much new song.

At times it can be bothersome when there is more than one song playing in the background as a byproduct of training.

Very sorry to hear that. Perhaps I can suggest one other tactic:

Try forcing yourself to recast the lyrics (of your earworm song) into the tune of Oh My Darling, Clementine.

MY DARLING CLEMENTINE - YouTube :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have done this a few times to deal with extreme cases. I originally came across this trick as a goofy game, but found it also comes in handy for getting rid of earworms.

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I admit I am a bit hesitant to doing this in case I earworm that song instead of the ones I currently do or even learn the transition.

I assume any song is fine? In that case I have done that but it actually causes my brain to play both songs at the same time. If I then try to overload my brain by doing this a few times everything stops briefly but it then replays a song or two shortly after. I think this is the main problem, I have subconsciously learned to replay a song after it stops in an attempt to stop it. Kind of like the “don’t think about it”, causing you to excessively think about it.

i will just have to find some way to enhance meditation to get rid of earworms. For now I have learned that in order to stop it, I need to pay conscious attention to it and then let go of it. However the problem is not so much to stop it, as it is to stop it from replaying after that. Successful for this has been the counting my breath technique. It kind of trains my brain not to replay the song (or get it in the first place) and does the same for other subconscious noise. I essentially get better with the “don’t do it” kind of thing by meditating like this.

The other problem is that I don’t exactly want to lose the ability to do this, just gain more sharp control instead. So there is a constant back and forth.

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O! The hazards of having a very powerful brain.


In the long run your current methods will definitely bring the best results.


That’s interesting. I get music stuck in my head, but I don’t think I have conversations in my head with actual voices. I can imagine voices if I consciously try, but there doesn’t seem to be any sound when I’m thinking with words. (A lot of my thoughts don’t use words.) The mental voice seems more like moving my mouth without any sound — producing words without the sound component.


It would be interesting to have a post where everyone describes how they think.

I know for myself I am very detached to the mouth part when it comes to voices in my head. It feels more like I am hearing them than producing them.


Personal experiences here.
YES. I have TONS and TONS of voices in my head. In fact, I can almost name who’s talking to me. It’s like, often a version of people who I know. I also talk to them too, which is interesting.

A couple of other interesting things. When I talk to myself, I can also identify which person I remind myself of. So like, alright I listen to myself and, wow I feel like I’m talking/acting like my mom or something.

Other thing is, you can imagine people. There’s almost always a purpose. It’s not a random conversation for fun. Maybe I’m afraid to cook a new kind of food, so I imagine someone very friendly encouraging me and teaching me how to cook. Maybe they show me how to cut the cucumbers in the right way and I follow them.

Sometimes you can imagine someone doing something they way you wished you could do it. Like I want to start going to the gym so you imagine people going to the gym and doing it in a way which is, focused or admirable or peaceful. I think it can be encouraging.

Another thing are debates. Say I have no idea what to do or what to choose. Sometimes you can get the voices of different kind of people you know telling you their opinion. Suppose you do something you think was not smart – now you may certainly be called out by one of those voices. Also, I’m slightly pretending not to lie? Well, one of those voices might call me out and tell me I’m lying. Am I exaggerating something? Well, I might be called out on exaggerating. It’s actually quite nice and I don’t feel alone at all. You can also imagine them debating with each other. Suppose one of the voices wants you to do something, but then another voice doesn’t want you to do that, and then yet another voice wants all the voices to stop fighting – just like a movie seen.

Just reflecting


Some voices also offer creative ideas I would not have thought of or say things I do not know. I can completely relate to this.

It might be because there is a sort of character to the voice so only things in the fitting way to that character are stated.

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My Inner speech is my friend, who appreciates me for the tasks that I complete, I share my experiences to his, sometimes he is my best critic, he motivates me as well as hold me on the ground. I have shaped him over the years. I made him what I wanted him to be.

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Sometimes is like my inner voice do not have emotion or power to create significant. Sometimes I think rapid to make sense or up my inner volume voice but not actually do things better. Other think I did is sytatntic analia of my inner voice to make sense or ode the talking of other people. Also when I sing in my head is like the melody have the intervals but is very different to feel that I really sing is like notes are in the head and not at the same time.

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