I'm finding it hard to create images for locus. Please share your ideas!

For a sentence like this -

1: By accepting the concept of natural justice as one of the essential component of law, it is subkitted that the court has imported the American concept of due process of law into our constitution.

2: is the procedure enough or must the procedure comply with any particular requirements? He then held that the procedure contemplated in article could not be unfair or unreasonable.

How will you create images for such sentences? I want to memorize similar many sentences. I Jas created loci but how do i convert it into images and associate them to the locus?

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See the Lanier method in this forum for remembering text verbatim. It includes preset images like a hand for “and.”

The #method-of-loci is good for memorizing lists. I would rewrite each line in very simple English and then extract the smallest number of keywords from each line as possible.

1. Simplify the language

Line 1: natural justice is essential; imported from US into the constitution

Line 2: does the procedure have requirements, not unfair [I don’t know the context of this line]

2. Extract keywords

Line 1: justice, US

Line 2: procedure, requirements, fairness

3. Create mnemonic images

4. Place images in memory journey

5. Review the journey and material, and revise the images if necessary

Edit: I’m assuming that you are just memorizing the ideas and not verbatim text. If you are trying to memorize it word-for-word, please see How Do I Memorize a Book? and #verbatim-text.

Are you trying to memorize the text verbatim or are you trying to memorize content?

A large machine with gears and cogs symbolizes Justice. A judge in robes and wig stands next to it with outstretched arms to welcome a tiger (natural law) Behind him is a large ship in a port with an American flag. Lashed to the deck of the ship is an enormous industrial press with rain cloud hovering over it.

I would draw a sketch of that.

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