How to use memory techniques to study and prepare for exams?

Hello everyone,
I am a student preparing for my exams.
I am having overall 9 subjects for my exams. Each subject have a huge syllabus to cover.
Although I am aware about all the memory techniques but I am unable to apply them to my studies. Not really sure how to use them for remembering the huge chunk of info I am having in my subjects.
Need some help and guidance regarding the same.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page.

There are also many discussions about exams:

The best way to get answers is to be as specific as possible with your questions, and provide examples of the data you’re trying to memorize.

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for responding.
I had already gone through the free ebook available on this forum and I am very much aware about the memory techniques demonstrated in the e-book.
However I am having problem in applying it to my studies.

Like for example I will take my one subject.
In the textbook of this subject, there are a total of 9 chapters. All the chapters are having number of sections as per the following list :-
Chapter 1 - 35 Sections
Chapter 2 - 10 Sections
Chapter 3 - 07 Sections
Chapter 4 - 10 Sections
Chapter 5 - 20 Sections
Chapter 6 - 10 Sections
Chapter 7 - 09 Sections
Chapter 8 - 12 Sections
Chapter 9 - 16 Sections

Each section contains various important topics to remember. Each topic has various points to remember.

All the questions which come in the exam of this subject have answers are in the point form only.

Now I am not able to apply the memory techniques to remember the data for exams.

I hope I am more specific this time.
Kindly help.



Hi. Welcome to the forum.
If you are new to memorising, I would also suggest the “Resources” page where you’ll find a huge amount of information that would help you to understand more about how memorising works.

This link here may also be helpful.


Hi @glam89,

I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like you are having the same issue I was trying to come up with a way to apply the memory techniques.
I am currently learning Linux Administration and that also has a lot of chapters and each chapter is as dense as what you are studying.
To be honest i found the answer on this forum.
Instead of trying to use one memory palace for the course, I use several.

System for memorising large technical books:

  • One for each chapter.
  • Each palace had at least one room for each section.
  • Then each topic had a loci in each room.
  • When each topic had more than one data point I used chunking or link method and applied the resulting image to that loci.
    So far it is working.

Does this help?

Because you already have the information structured you should be able to build the memory system you use to capture all the data you need.


Thank you @hershchoc,

Will definitely try this out and come back to you in case of any problem.

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