How to memorise the Major System itself?

Here’s an updated version that breaks the 1,000 images into sets of 100 to make them easier to work on:

There’s a bug that is causing a missing number or two. I’ll fix that after dinner. [fixed]

If anyone wants the numbers displayed differently, or for 2-digit systems, just let me know… :slight_smile:

(By the way, all of these settings will be user-configurable in the upcoming version…)

I forgot to mention to the OP that I’m finding quizzing myself in different ways is helpful. For example:

  1. Recall from image to number
  2. Recall from number to image
  3. Recall in increments of 1 e.g. (1,2,3…)
  4. Recall in increments of 10 e.g. (0,10,20…) … (9,19,29…)
  5. Recall backwards
  6. Recall using random numbers

Yes, the above generator is for training and improve speed. This should be second step. I think the first is to learn it in the way Dai Griffiths and others mentioning for 2 digit system. So what the method for learning 3 digit system. I really admire people here able to master the Ben system, more than 2700 images. Plz tell your process or experience and how long it takes you to succeed? Like 3 second per 3 digit number?

I’ll bite, but I’m not qualified. It will be many years before I master my system.

If you want to build a 2-card system, it will take a long time to succeed. It’s just a demanding process. I think a 2-card system is about 20% faster than the alternatives. Early on, you’ll be going 20% faster than with PAO at the same “skill level,” and when mastered, it can be very, very fast.

If I pull up a bunch of numbers, like Josh’s link, and I read through the images, not memorizing them but just saying them in my head, I can read up to 240, on average about 210 - 220 digits in one minute. I could be much faster at this, but I’m still getting used to having a very large object list.

At least Three people have memorized 50 digits in under 8 seconds. I think one person did it in under six seconds. They used 3 digit numbers.

If you work on creating, memorizing, and using a 000-999 list daily, then I would say anyone could expect to be better than they are today in six months. For me it was a bit faster.

@duyhoa83. It takes me less than a second when I’m feeling energetic and a second or 1.5 seconds when I’m lazy. I’ve made the system part of my life. No man or woman can ever forget their girlfriend or boyfriend’s name. That’s where you’ll reach if you put in all that is required. Right now, I don’t save phone numbers. If i want to save them it’ll be after a week or more and it’ll be on my iPhone which i don’t use for making calls… The phone I use for making calls has no number saved.

Learn the system and practice.

Ok, so have I got this right:
I should use a journey and place the 100 people/actions at each location?

And this will allow me to remember the system easily?

The major system wasn’t working well for me. I had better results with the Dominic system, so I’m going back to that. It’s easier to remember people!

I have a test and interview at Oxford University in December and there are a ton of things I need to memorise. So I’m starting to re-learn the Dominic system using this method!!

I wrote down my list of 100 people from last time, so I’ll get to learning that right now!
I’ll report back if I’m still having trouble.