Giordanio memory system

Hello anyone here done the giordanio memory sistem im in need of some assitance?

Hi Bogdanm,

In the past we have talked about this program:

I suggest you read that first to see if that answers your questions.

Got one question wich i didnt find the answer there first of all is there anyone here who can give me a better system for learning books by heart then GMS for free.IF there isnt any can anyone give me an email adress so that i can talk to them about the diffrent problems i might encounter.I don`t think i can post here every day what my problems are.

And i have a question on a scale of 1 to 10 if i am a 5-6 can memory systems get me to 9-10 in shorter periods of time.Like learning a book by heart and then passing the exam with 10.?.

I think that you’ll get more replies here in the forum than by email… :slight_smile:

Also, check out the FAQs and the wiki for some ideas…

Ok thank you then i would like to ask my first question how do i make 2 simulatanous images of a cat and a phone for starters.I cant gather my focus

Hi Bogdanm,

Imagine the cat on the phone, playing with it, cuddling it, biting it, whatever.

Then have the cat move away!


Speaking as very much a mnemonics novice, I have however been using a simple peg system for quite a few years to memorise very simple stuff like shopping lists, and with great success.

At the outset I remember it took me a while to get used to the idea and the importance of ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY!

Since I got my head around the importance of that I’ve never had a problem with creating visualisations or recalling them.

It’s what every member of this forum and every book you read on mnemonics will tell you: the more utterly absurd your connection between any 2 objects, the more firmly it will fix in your memory.

Don’t be afraid to make your connection sexually obscene, bloodily horrible, or any thing else that might not be considered to be “socially acceptable”. You don’t have to answer to anyone for a picture in your head, not even yourself if it fulfils a useful purpose.

If it’s utterly absurd you will remember it.

Relationships between any 2 simple objects, such as your examples of cat & phone, are really easy. Where I still have trouble is finding suitable nouns to help me convert concepts into images and then recall them back again. Hopefully it will get easier with time, as I have no past experience with using my imagination in that way.

But cat & phone – don’t get me started! It’s my picture and its private :wink:

Hi Bogdamn,

I am curious.
Did you finish the Ron White program?
Then why would you switch to GMS?

Ron White programs dosen`t teach you how to memorise entire books.Im doing them kinda simultaniosly but Ron White is the main one for the moment because from my documentation its easier and then i will finish GMS and hopefully i will get straight A and 100 % succes or very close to it in my exams.