card memorization

What is the fastest speed that someone here can memorize a deck of cards?

Either Boris or I can do a deck in under 30 seconds. I forget which. :slight_smile:

my best official speed is 66 seconds at the World Memory Championships 2005. Unofficial best is 49 seconds at home, although Im exercising again and should go faster with sustained exercise.


Wow you guys are amazing. How did you guys manage to get so fast? is it just practicing a lot?

for me it is important that you are able to traverse your journey very quickly, and also able to identify your cards very quickly…Before you attempt to memorize cards, it helps going over your journey in your mind, and also practising identifying your card associations.

glueing the people to the journey points becomes easier and your times will improve, because you will find that none of your attention goes into thinking about who the next card is or where you are next in your journey…

Whats your time park?