Card deck memorization : challenge to get below 2 minutes at speed cards



Hello there !

Here are my results for today…
3:21 8 errors 26BPM
3:10 5 errors 26BPM
3:32 22 errors 26BPM

I was quite surprised by my good scores during my second attempt !

Third attempt was not great.

As I realized at one point during memorization that I had confused two cards.
Which made me instantly lose my confidence !

I managed to fix the confusing card menatally, but then I tried to accelerate and it was too late…

(Nicholas Mihaila) #42

I’m 28 years old, and I use the Ben system with modified phonetics. It’s an incredible system but notoriously difficult to master. There are 2704 images, one for each card pair. My system consists of approximately half people/characters (humanoid or other) and half objects.

That’s really good. From what I’ve read, it seems like improving time with cards often comes in cycles of lowering the time, which causes more errors, and then lowering the errors at the new time.

As for me, I haven’t started my practice for today yet. I just got out of class and I’m feeling pretty sick (sore throat). I feel like today is most likely just going to be a wash, but I’m still going to try to memorize one deck and practice recalling my images. We’ll see how it goes.


Excellent job on the second attempt! Low time and very few errors.

edit All right, so I’m done with practicing for today. I didn’t get a new PB for image recall, but I did get perfect recall on the deck I memorized. I was astonished to be honest. The images just combined perfectly to create a very memorable narrative.

(Silvio B.) #43

I’m finally starting to feel a bit more motivated to train cards again.

Managed to memorize a full deck in 54.94 seconds today on memory league. Hopefully I’ll break my personal best of 49.18 seconds soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for the infos ! Well I can’t imagine memorizing so many images !
So it makes me even more amazed with your progress with recalling your images.

Well done ! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Nice news Silvio :slight_smile:

May I ask you a couple of questions…
What is your method ?
Do you use a metronome ?
Are you better at memory league or with a physical deck ?

As for me, I took a day off from memorization.
So no new score today…

We’ll see tomorrow how it goes…

(Silvio B.) #45

I use a Person/Action system (Dominic System).
I don‘t use a metronome.
I‘m a lot faster on memory league. My personal best with physical cards was around 70 seconds, but I haven‘t tried it in a long time. I‘d say I‘m probably 10 to 15 seconds slower with physical cards than on memory league.



Thanks for sharing !

Really ! I thought the contrary.
I have yet to try this application.
Maybe this weekend…

Here are my results…
3:13 26 errors at 26BPM
3:16 14 errors at 26BPM
3:26 18 errors at 26BPM

Not great this time…

I think that’s because I did not sleep enough.

(Nicholas Mihaila) #47

I made two errors upon recall today (I wasn’t paying attention and I skipped a pair.), but I had a new PB for image recall with a time of 1:19. I would like to get this all the way down to 30 seconds, but I have no idea how long that will take.

I’m pretty sick right now, so I’m taking things easy. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.


I wouldn’t worry too much on mistakes if I were you. As they are necessary for your progress.

Congratulations ! That’s a good score !

For me, today was much greater than yesterday.
(my sleep was much better as well)

3:00 0 error 26BPM
2:57 21 errors 27BPM
3:03 13 errors 27 BPM

That’s a new PB at 3:00 !!

The last time I established a PB was at 4:57 minutes.
So that’s great news for me :slight_smile:

And that means I’m now ready to get seriously below 3 minutes…

(Nicholas Mihaila) #49

Congratulations on the new PB, Corbanicum!

I won’t have much time to practice today because I have homework and finals to prepare for. I did manage to memorize one deck, but I couldn’t seem to remember the second image. Under tournament conditions, however, this would have still worked because I could have deduced the image from the remaining two cards. No errors apart from that. I also went through the deck several times to practice image recall. No new PB today. I might practice more tonight if I have time.


Well I do that all the time …

No worries. Take your time. Your exams are more important than this challenge

Here are my times for today…
2:59 27 errors at 27BPM
3:14 10 errors at 28BPM
2:48 21 errors at 28BPM

2 times under 3 minutes, I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

For the second time, I had completely forgot one of my mnemonics (4 of clubs). It took ages to bring it back…


Hello guys,

Here are my times for today…
2:49 17 errors at 28BPM
2:56 20 errors at 28BPM
2:59 14 errors at 28BPM

On two occasions, I had to interrupt my memorization, as it was clear I would make a bad performance.

The first one, this was due to some mnemonics I had forgotten (the object part of the PAO).

The second occasion, I got distracted by a message on my noise cancelling headphone.

It’s the first time I make 3 scores below 3 minutes, which makes me happy.

But this tempo is challenging.

I’ll need another day to really get accustomed to it.

(Silvio B.) #52

@Corbanicum you have improved very fast! :slight_smile: Very well done!

I had two attemps today (both in an Online Memory League Championship match):
60 seconds - 2 errors
59.76 seconds - 2 errors

(Nicholas Mihaila) #53

After many (many) attempts, I got a new PB for image recall today with a time of 1:15. Unfortunately, I spent over 10 seconds on two of the pairs. I can tell I’m getting a lot faster though overall. Sub 1 minute should be close.

At some point here I’m going to have to actually plan a route with predetermined loci instead of coming up with them impromptu. At 3 images per locus that would be 9 loci that I need. I’ll probably use my house.


Thank you Silvio ! Your score is impressive, almost one card per second !

Well why not using your house ? Or the way to your University ?
For me, it’s mainly my different houses that I occupied along my life.
And also my way to my work company.

Here are my results for today…

2:49 17 errors at 28BPM
3:01 30 errors at 28BPM
2:58 25 errors at 28BPM

I did not sleep enough today. And it shows.
Tomorrow will be better as I’m going to sleep early tonight…

(Nicholas Mihaila) #55

Practice today went extremely well. For some reason I was unusually focused. On my third attempt I got a new PB for image recall with a time of 1:07. I was actually on pace for a time well below 1 minute, but two pairs tripped me up. The biggest difference that I noticed is that there’s really no hesitation now with decoding the suit combinations, so that’s really good.

Memorization went really well too. I moved through the deck at a fairly fast pace, and there were no errors with recall, and the recall time itself was actually quite fast.

Today has probably been my single best practice day so far. It’s really encouraging.

I’ll probably end up using my house. I use it while practicing (I used it today, in fact.), but I haven’t really come up with predetermined loci. And the path that I take while walking to campus is a little boring, so the loci aren’t that unique.

And Corbanicum, I can definitely appreciate the effects of poor sleep. When I don’t sleep well, the impact is very clear the next day, especially with memory.


Great time !

Actually, at the beginning, I trained with about 20 memory palaces. Now that the level is higher, I tend to train with the best ones.

It’s funny that this morning, I had a fair sleep.
And yet, my practice was not so good …

My times…
3:05 20 errors at 28BPM
2:53 17 errors at 28BPM
3:18 19 errors at 28BPM

This is my 6th day of practice in a row.
Tomorrow will be a rest day.

(Nicholas Mihaila) #57

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry. Variance is natural. I know some days I perform better/worse for no apparent reason.

Practice today was decent, but not great. Unfortunately, today is just very inefficient. I had class in the morning, a time gap, a meeting with a professor (which I’m waiting for now while I’m typing this), another time gap, a class, and then work immediately after. All my open time today is very broken, so things get derailed.

Having said that, I did successfully memorize a deck today, but the narrative was more detailed than necessary. No errors though. I also went through the deck several times to practice image recall. One time was particularly good, but I wasn’t using the stopwatch, so I have no time to report.

Tomorrow should be more productive because I don’t have work or class. Still, my focus has to be on prepping for finals, but I should still be able to fit in some practice.

(Silvio B.) #58

I can sometimes have really bad results even if I slept enough. But sometimes my new personal bests come when I didn’t sleep much. Sometimes I just don’t see why that is.

I had some good results in my Online Memory League Championship-Match today (not in Cards but in Numbers where I got close to my personal best). That really motivates me to train harder to finally get below 25 seconds for 80 digits :smile:


Actually, this is why I usually practice first thing in the morning. But of course, you have to go to sleep early…

I have some difficulties to imagine what is a bad or good score at numbers. Since I did not yet get interested in it.

But I’m glad you’re progressing !

As for myself.

Yesterday was off.

Today I got 3 great times, which is encouraging !
2:46 18 errors at 28BPM
2:45 11 errors at 28BPM
2:44 23 errors at 28BPM

Tonight, I got a headache for doing additional hours at work.

So, not sure I’ll be ok tomorrow.

But I’ll try to raise the metronome to 29BPM, and then 30BPM.

(Nicholas Mihaila) #60

Unfortunately, I work really late, so getting up extra early isn’t really an option for me. I already have class in the morning as it is.

That’s considerable progress! Well done!

As for me, I’ve been really sick lately, and I’ve been trying to allocate whatever energy I have left toward preparing for my finals, the first of which is tomorrow morning. If I have some extra time later on tonight I’ll go through and practice image recall. Unfortunately, cards are mostly at a standstill until finals are over. It’s going to be brutal. :disappointed_relieved: