Boris Nikolai Konrad: How to use memory techniques to improve education

Another TEDx talk by Boris Konrad.

You learn many things in school, but learning how to learn is often forgotten. Neuroscientist and 4 time Guinness World Record Holder for Memory Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad believes in a World, where students are passionate about learning and believe memorization is fun and easy. In his TEDtalk he answers the question “How does memory work?” and explains how to improve memory by using your brain the way it is meant to be used. Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a Guinness World Record holder for memory, a neuroscientist, an author, and an international expert on memory improvement. He teaches memory techniques anyone can employ to achieve outstanding memory performances.



Thank you for the link.

I was precisely wondering if mnemonic techniques were relevant for children, or if it were counterproductive:

With memorizing so easily, would the brain be challenged enough, and therefore develop as well as it should ? (risk of poor working memory, lack of focus, etc…) ?

Mnemonic techniques might be more useful lately, when the brain is more mature (and when we have to memorize a lot, in a short time).

What is your opinion about this idea ?

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I think that some kids like memory techniques. There are discussions/examples here:

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Can you advise me on how you use mnemonic techniques in maths??