Ars Notoria

Why practice mnemonics when you can simply use magic…

While I don’t believe in it I suppose I will spend my day learning this book with belief.
You can never know.

Okay, I actually read the whole thing, I did not acquire perfect instantaneous learning, the Solomon inside of it said themselves that they frequent repetitions so also has not actually acquired perfect instantaneous learning. According to the book their own ‘God’ was angry at them for being drunk and put disaster to his family for 80 days.

No surprise but I found it interesting that the Solomon inside of this knew of spaced repetition and taking notes by guidance of religious practices, supposed angels and gods granting him the methods to review under the different states of the moon with high repetitions. This makes me think of Ramanujan (the mathematician).

Was fun to say the least I have acquired the art of reading a book without skepticism and disbelief until the end and as such the stamina to continue forth with it. I thank google translate to read the greek spells in greek.

Seems magic doesn’t work this easily, I didn’t acquire it. The ‘magic’ in that book was also lengthy of a process that sacrificed great time and had a low rate of outcome.

Crazy? You want Crazy???
We got so much crazy here that it’s gonna make your silliest thought seem rational.

It must be true. It was written in 1200 and I found it on the internet.

It is incredible that rocket’s had been created and von braun would soon be in america when the occult was still popular with the idle rich. We like to believe that magical thinking is ancient history but there are people still alive that were in the thick of it.

Elrond Hubbard and Jack Parsons.
Aleister Crowley vs William Butler Yeats.

I clearly don’t get out much but this stuff is a wonderful read, audiobook, documentaries etc. It’s like binge watching 3 seasons of Dexter far better done. I read a lot of the sci-fi and the general aynrand/bukowski/kerouc kind of ■■■■ but I missed this genre. Crisp, clear, well thought out english interspersed with poetry, pornography, and random handfuls of paint on the wall.

Yup I took tonight off from practice :slight_smile:

It’s a book of prayers and incantations such as

The Oration Of The Four Tongues

“Assaylemath, Assay, Lemath, Azzabue.
The second part of the precedent Orations, which is to be said only once.
Azzaylemath, Lemath, Azacgessenio.
The third part of the precedent Oration, which is to be spoken together with the other.
Lemath, Sabanche, Ellithy, Aygezo.
This Oration hath no Exposition in the Latine.”

The 'spaced repetition" is the scheduled repetition of these incantations.

(I recognize no Hebrew or Chaldee among those words but considering it was transliterated from Hebrew into Greek and English, it could be based on a true story)

The book also explains that if you don’t own the book you have to say the incantations twice instead of just once to get the same efficacy.

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