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I wonder if it has anything to do with the Getty Images complaint to the European Commission:

Google has made it more difficult for people to save pictures from its image search product, as part of a “peace deal” with photo library Getty Images.

In 2017, Getty Images complained to the European Commission, accusing Google of anti-competitive practices.

Google said it had removed some features from image search, including the “view image” button.

Getty Images said it was a “significant milestone” but critics said the move was “a step backwards”.

It also removed the “search by image” button, which was an easy way of finding larger copies of photographs.

Maybe they took additional steps in Europe.

The EU are famously undemocratic, but I think they got it right with Google (who still owe billions of euros due to dubious tax dodges available to companies who operate across national boundaries).

IMHO, there needs to be a balance between (a) users who are quite happy to have a watermark across the image, and (b) the publishers who paid to have the photo taken in the first place.

Young musicians previously made money from CDs. They used gigs only to advertise those CDs. But now, because of the abundance of pirate download sites, the kids can only make money from gigs - CDs are dead.

Image publishers are part of the “food chain”. If they go out of business due to pirates, a lot of small companies that rely on the images will die as well. They won’t be able to afford their own photographers plus all the travel expenses.

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