Your Most Memorable/Craziest image with PAO?

During memorizarion of a deck of cards, i ended up with this image “Sherlock Holmes moonwalking with Adolf Hitler” for my 6th loci which happens to be a Garden(am using a journey method with 18 locations).
the image was so ridiculous that i needed no effort whatsoever while recalling cards from this location.
So just wanted to know what has been your most memorable image/images with PAO system?
And also share the details of your image, mine is below.
1- Sherlock Holmes Smokes Pipe. (4 of Hearts)
2- Michael Jackson Moonwalks with White Gloves. (Jack of Sapdes)
3- Adolf Hitler salutes Nazi flag. (Ace of Hearts)

I am not fully satisfied with my PAO, so may be your image can prove to be helpful in making my PAO system better :grinning:

And can somebody help me with avoiding ghosting plz.

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Nice topic! I’m looking forward to what people post. I’ll share my craziest one, but my system is slightly different than the standard PAO. I use a four part PAO called PAOP that adds an extra element called personality to the mix. Anyways, it’s the same idea. Here’s my craziest one, and I’m a little embarrassed to mention it:

Spiderman breast-feeds a barbie doll acting motherly (number 89)

Another crazy one my system generated was The Tiger King riding a cursing-furby dressed as a sumo wrestller…

P.S. I see from your examples that you’re choosing objects and actions that are associated with the person. Nothing wrong with that! You could also try having them do things that are out of context. Sometimes that can be very memorable. I believe an example from the Art of Memory wiki page mentions a priest praying with a chainsaw. That’s pretty memorable…

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:joy::joy::joy: Some image that is :point_up_2:

I too have action of breast feeding in my PAO. it’s associated with a gone era indian actress “Mandakini” who is shown breast feeding her newborn in “Ram teri Ganga Maili” (an 80s indian movie).

Few interesting images have come up with that action, such as …
Yuvaraj singh(a cricketer) breast feeds Broom :joy::joy::joy:

the details are…
~ Yuvaraj singh Murders Stuart Broad (6 of hearts)
~ Mandakini breast feeds newborn - (Queen of Spade)
~ Harry potter flies on Broom (8 of spade)

I think, to make an image memorable/unforgettable we need to come up with crazy actions which turns every image into something crazier.
Once we have such a list memorizing a deck of cards/numbers is a child’s play.

yeah i read your thread on the same. initially i too wanted to have a system which is capable of capturing more data into single image, but after some practice it dawned upon me that in order to memorize something faster (specially numbers & deck of cards) 2 or 3 card system is superior than a 4 or 5 card system.
But if speed is not an issue and you want something permanent in your memory, then it’s really good coz it’s capturing so much data in a single image.