Young newcomer from Germany

Hello everyone!

My name is Silas I’m 20 years old and live in Germany,Northrhine-Westphalia.

I’ve practised mental math since 2 years.
First I’ve learned Trachtenberg-Method almost for one year.I’ve created even a own algorithm for subtraction, because I haven’t found any method for that. There are no Trachtenberg-Methods for subtraction,althought I’ve searched in different sites in English articles!

Besides, in my opinion, Trachtenberg-Methods is very inefficient for mental math because of the algorithm who is quite complex. Now I’m learn how to use a Soroban. Since over one year I’ve learned mental abacus and I’ve reached some success for example I’m be able to add or subtract seven six digit numbers mostly in 35 seconds and I can multiply two 3 digit in a average time of 25 seconds but only on soroban not in my mind. Currently I practise to solve 3 digit number additions/subtractions in my mind. Thats not really easy.

I want to join the community to learn more about mental abacus by more experienced peoples.

It’s my pleasure to meet new people here.
With best regards, Silas.


Nice to meet you Silas!
Unfortunately, as I known in art of memory there is not many soroban skill taught in artofmem. @Kinma have experience on abacus, you might ask for his help if needed.

Thank you @Antelex

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Just try to practice regularly and always challenge yourself to your limits. I also wanted to change my mental arithmetic a few years ago and started Soroban training.In my opinion, continuous training is the best way to get better in the long term.