Young Girls Interested In Memory?

I’ve spent some of my time here in the forum, I’ve learned a lot here by reading and engaging in discussions. So I just got curious, I’ve observed that mostly it is boys who are interested in the memory techniques. But don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some girl accounts here, but is it rare? Specially young ones? Are there any young female here interested in memory? Please tell me. I’m a female and I’m 16! I’m interested in memory, science and engineering. It would be nice to meet y’all.


My daughter of 9 loves it. She has a 0-9 P-system and is working on a 00-99 P-system, which is a bit harder for her to get right.

She also loves science, with a preference for astronomy, and history.


Oh that’s nice, bet she’ll be an amazing mental athlete in the future, how I wish I could’ve started at that age.

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I’ve been introducing it to my daughter, she’s 3! We have practiced memorizing items using an alphabet peg.

You’re right though, I wonder why mostly males are here?

However, there are definitely women interested in mnemonics. Lynn Kelly has written a couple of the most respected books on mnemonics and Anastasia Woolmer is an Australian memory champion. You can also see women competing at memory championships but I’m not sure what the male:female ratio is.


Big bump to this post; we most DEFINITELY need more female representation across sports like these. The more people and the more inclusive we get, the more we grow!

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There are many women who compete: Yanjaa, Katie Kermode, and many others, including the WMSC’s top-ranked mental athletes. (Currently #1 is Ryu Song I and #2 is Wei Qinru.) I think Wei Qinru is 15 or 16.

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Thats cool you like science and technology, and it took some initiative for you to come on art of memory and start asking questions so again props for that. Learning memory can be so much fun…

One of my best friends expressed interest in learning some memory techniques through me, she’s the only person I practice with. Her name’s Camille. She is really good at names and faces and we often practice together just for fun. She makes up the most hilarious stories for the people it kills me, and she gets it right every time. We’re really slow though when we do it together because we are laughing so much.

Another thing to consider is that this is the english forum, and it seems that other countries are more balanced in terms of gender expression than the english speaking ones. I believe there are lots of female memory athletes particularly from China and Mongolia.

Good luck!

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I’m a female too. I’m in my twenties, so not as young as you are. By the way, I wish I would have been interested in memory tactics when I was your age. It could have saved me a lot of headaches.
What are you currently working on? I’m a complete noob!

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Hey, Sophia :slight_smile:

well, I’m one of these young women :laughing:

I’ve been 14 years old, when I started to learn all these memorization techniques.
My mother once bought me a book when I was 12. I must confess, I wasn’t very interested at the beginning. I thought, adapting all the techniques would be a waste of time. However, I was curious and so I started at the age of 14. I’m glad my curiosity was stronger than my scepticism. Anyways, I’m not a pro, even though I’m in this business for so long but as we all know – practice makes perfect!

I don’t know, if there are more men than women here. Maybe? Women tend to be quieter and less competitive.


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Hello that’s nice!!

Let’s just continue on practicing and we’ll improve. Everything will be worth it. Same as you I was kinda skeptical at first. At first try I thought it’s not helping. But when I gave it a second chance in my life, I was amazed of all the great things it could do. Just continue to explore and we could find things to make remembering things easier.


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You’re still young and I bet there’ll be a lot of things you’ll get to learn using memory techniques. Memory tactics are for everyone regardless of the age. I had a lot of fun using memory palaces and journey method when studying science. When I was at school, I’m the rank 1 because I think I could visualize things easily but the problem is the easier I remember the faster I forget. After exams, I just forgot some of the things we’ve learned. This coming school year I’ll transfer to a new school with a lot of smart-ass people. So I think it’s great that I have found these techniques that could help me retain information for long period of time, so I could keep up.

But even if you’re out of school already ofcourse there’s still a lot of great things to learn or new skills to acquire. Just look for something you would love to do, and have fun applying memory techniques on those! It could be learning a new language or anything you could really think of.

Goodluck and Have Fun!! :heart:


thank you. I totally agree with you. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad, you remained determined. Memory sport is indeed fascinating. It can open so many doors, it’s incredible. I wish you good luck and lots of fun while practising as well! :smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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She is not aiming to compete though :slight_smile: she mainly likes to be in her own world creating stories with the characters from her system.

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My daughter learned to memorize half a deck of cards in a week at the cottage when she was 7 years old.
Another good one for small kids, which she completely aced, was the “I’m going on a trip and bringing …” and you go around a circle each person adding one more item in the list and the list grows, and you’re ‘out’ if you miss an item in the long list on your turn. You teach them linking method and they become literally unbeatable.

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(When I say half a deck, I mean she created PAO for 2 suits to start, like hearts and spades.)

I’m 17 and I’m very interested in mnemonics since I would like to take psychology