World Record Festival at the Swedish Memory Championships


News from Facebook:
Johannes Mallow won the Swedish Memory Open with a total score of over 10,000 points!

SIX World Records:
Hannes Binary 5 min (1080), 15 min Numbers (962) and Spoken (364)
Simon Words 5 min (124), Names 5 min (83) und 10 min Cards (370)



*Simon memorized a perfect 84 names, that is ALL the names that were available on the memorization sheet.

Fun fact: Johannes also memorized 124 words, but since he misspelled two words he ended up with 122 and Simon got the WR. :wink:


Idriz wrote, that it was corrected to “just” 83, since Simon made one typo - which does not make his performance any less impressive!

(Josh Cohen) #4

Incredible scores…

There’s also some coverage over here on Idriz’ blog:

And the scores: