Words with numbers?

Hey guys , How do you not mess up words . I don’t really have a number-based palace , I just imagine and go with the flow, but then if I forget one word its over. I manged to memorize around 25 words but im stuck at 7 .
Do you think combining it with my PAO number system is a good idea?

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Ohh, that is interessting to hear that. I believe Yanjaa did that at the start too.

It is fairly simple. Every 5 in a memo palace you can mentally note “nr 5” “Nr 10” etc. I am currently doing that with new Images journies. That saves lots of time in recall!

The initial phase for me in creating journies is the hardest. Low accuracy, since I do not know the rythm or the following steps in a journy.
-Have you tried out with new memo journies and see how things goes?


What are you specifically trying to do? It’s not clear from your description other than you are trying to memorize words. Are they separate words?

I use Five from Zankyou no Terror

And the Jinchuriki to memorize 10 places

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I am trying to max my word level at memoryleague.com

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You mean creating new memory paths? I used one path/palace for one category in memory league.
I think ill combine my PAO numbers or just add a person from it to serve as a bookmark. Actually I remembered the last word’s number and went back from it and it worked .