Words into objects or persons

Im facing problem during converting words into objects, persons, mnemonics etc
Im not getting link regarding this concept

Could you post a specific example of where you’re stuck?

I want to convert a word like yugoslavia into mnemonic image or a object or a person so that I can associate them with peg and imagine a memorable scene
I want a bunch of example so provide me a link that containing so much examples
Im facing lack of example regarding sach type topics

Is Yugoslavia in a context, or is it just a random word on its own?


  • break up the word into other words: you-go-slavia
  • use rhymes: yugo => Hugo
  • look up the etymology: jug (south) slavia (Slavs)
  • use an image that reminds you of something from the countries that were formerly Yugoslavia: I would probably think of the music or landscape
  • look a the shape on a map and translate that into an image

It would be easier if you choose the specific examples, otherwise the ones we come up with might not be relevant to you. :slight_smile:

You might also want to look at the #examples posts.

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Where is examples?
I want bunch of examples

Click the word #examples.

If you would like more examples, please post a list of words. If you take the time to type out some examples, we’ll take the time to brainstorm some ideas. :slight_smile:

How to break spain, madrid ,Manzanares etc words into images

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If you look at my first example above, there are five ideas listed. You can go down the list with each word. Here is the list:

  1. break up the word into other words
  2. use rhymes (or similar sounding words)
  3. look up the etymology or meaning
  4. use an image that reminds you of something related
  5. look at the shape or appearance

Using technique #2 for “Spain” produces a list of images that sound like “Spain”:

  • pain
  • strain
  • sprain
  • span
  • spin

For “Madrid”:

  • you could use #1: Mad-druid
  • or #2: someone named “Mildred”
  • or #4: something related to Spain like the food or music.

For “Manzanares”:

  • you could use #3: manzana means apple. I think “Manzanares” means apple orchard(?)
  • or you could use #1: manzana (apple) + Ares (Greek god of war)
  • or #2: an image that starts with the sound “man”
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Ok but how can one imagine and visualize pain, strain, span and spin in context of spain?

Since you’re asking for context, it sounds like you want to do more than just remember the word.

I use “sprain” for Spain in my memory palace of all of the world’s countries. All I need is an image that calls up the word in the correct location. So I picture a young woman using crutches to walk up an incline in my former university. She’s “Spained” her ankle. And because I’m also marking each fifth item with a general population figure, I notice that her sprained ankle has a “rash” (46) on it, telling me that Spain’s population is around 46 million.

I’m not sure you’ll actually need more context than that. Because once you recall the word “Spain,” I think that will naturally lead you to whatever additional information you’re trying to memorize about the country.


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You can make a story — traveling to Spain and spraining your ankle when you get off the plane.

Are you memorizing random words (link the image to a location in your memory palace) or are you memorizing something like homework?

See also how to create mnemonic images.

Just an idea done quickly. Shadow because I didn’t bother to cut it out of my notebook for scanning.