Wish: Easier to see unread posts

First of all: Thx for a great site, love the contents and also format!

My small wish is to easier see which posts are unread, now the only distinguishing format is that unread posts are a bit bolded. This is (at least for me) not so easy to see, and on an e-ink grayscale screen more or less impossible. Would it e.g. be possible to ‘bold’ the unread posts more? Or put some small icon or something in front of the unread posts?

You also have the menu at the top of the main Forum screen which shows the number of unread topics and new posts. Just select from that menu to go straight to the relevant posts. (I’m not sure how far back “Unread” goes, but it isn’t comprehensive by any means. There are probably hundreds of topics I haven’t gotten caught up on over the years—and many sections I’ve never visited/read at all—but my “Unread” list shows only seven topics, going back only one year.)

When you enter the Forum, there is also the thin horizontal line separating “posts that are new since your last visit” from the rest. That may be a helpful indicator.

I visit on an iPad, though, not a Kindle (the only e-ink device I can think of that would be capable of browsing the Web), so it’s possible these features don’t appear the same to you as they do to me.


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Thx for the reply Bob.
You are correct in that the number of unread and new topics is visible, but (as you wrote) it is not showing very old unread topics. So the only way to see if an ‘old’ topic is read or not seems to be the bold vs unbold topic header. As an example, the screenshot attached is from my Android e-reader, and as you clearly (or not) can see the topic ‘What technique first?’ is unread. It is probably a tiny bit bolder, but not so you would notice.
On a iPhone/iPad or color screen this is not a problem, but due to eye problems I try to use e-ink readers/tablets as much as possible.


Actually, every one of those topics looks bold to me!

Okay, this may sound like a “Well, duh!” suggestion, but have you experimented with your device’s display settings? It’s possible that you can adjust the font or point size or brightness/contrast to see a more accurate and easier-to-read screen.

Just curious: When you say “Android e-reader,” do you mean an Amazon Fire tablet? (Although I’m exclusively Apple, I like to think I’m at least aware of other products, and I’m not familiar with any current e-ink e-readers that aren’t made by Amazon. Although I just saw that you’re in Finland…so maybe it’s a European-made tablet that we wouldn’t typically see here.)


Sure, I could fix that. What is the brand and model of the device(s)? I should be able to target the customization so that it only changes the display for that general type of device.

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They indeed look bold all of them. On my computer screen it is easier to see that the unread topics are black while the read topics are grey, and thus probably not bolded or unbolded. I guess the grayscale e-ink reader cannot distinguish between these two colors.
I’ve actually fidgeted with the contrast and other settings in trying to optimize the overall experience for the browser, but have not found any setting that impacts on the mentioned issue.
While Amazon Kindle is probably the market leader in US as well as globally, there are a bunch of other e-ink brands on the market. I have a couple of Sony e-readers, purely for reading e-books, but the device I’m using for browsing (this forum as well as others), note taking etc. is a Onyx Boox Max 2 13.3 inch, so like a large iPad.

The biggest advantages with e-ink screens is that you can use them in bright sunshine, battery life is typically much better than for color tablets and some people (like me) feel they are better for the eyes and do not as easily cause migraine as backlit LCD or similar screens.

It is a Onyx Boox Max 2 device (Android-based) where I’m using the built in browser. Do let me know if you need more info. Of course I’ll be happy to test any changes you’ve done if needed.

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Thanks, I’m researching a solution and will let you know when I have something to test.

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I’ve added a circle after unread topics. Is that viewable on your device? (If not, I’ll try something else.)

It looks like this on my computer:


Josh, it is viewable and working perfectly, thx a lot!

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Great. Can you test it one more time? I’ve just made a small change so that it only turns on for mobile devices. If the new version doesn’t correctly detect your device, let me know and I’ll flip it back to the last version that was working.

Sorry, now it disappeared, both on my Android-device and on my iPhone (using Chrome). Is there a URL that I can use to force the browser into mobile mode?


I don’t know if it works on Chrome, but in Safari if you touch and hold the “Reload” arrow in the top right of the address bar, you get the option to load whichever version of the site is not currently being displayed (either the desktop version or the mobile version).

On the new iOS 13, coming this fall, Safari’s default will be to automatically load the desktop site.


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I’ve just switched it back – does it work now?

I might put it in a user setting on the preferences page so that it will only show for users who check a box. I’ll send you a message if I change it, and then you could check the box to re-enable it.


Yes, now it works again. I’d be okay with the setting you propose, but leave it up to you to decide :grinning:

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Thx! Same is available in Chrome on my iPhone as well as on my e-reader. As both of them show ‘Request Desktop Site’ it must according to my logic mean that both are using the mobile site.
Btw, now I also learned how to use the ‘quote’ function in this forum :slight_smile: