Will practicing math sums mentally help me in maths exams that are written(Please help me)

To get good marks in math examinations everyone needs to practice but I can not carry a pen, paper and a math book with me for the entire day and because of this

I had decided to use a method in which I will try to recall information from two different text books in my own words by using two different Memory Palaces simultaneously(And each memory palace will contain the information of only one book)

And with each paragraph of information that I will recall in my own words I will make an educated guess of the position of equivalent text in my textbook(which will be done for both the memory palaces) to get two numbers which will be joined together to form a two digit number(in the minimum),

In this method the sums which will contain the numbers will be the the type of questions in which I have difficulty(And the difficulty of every question will be decided by the recall of paragraphs from both the Mind Palaces),

And my question is that "Can using this method continuously in my mind improve my accuracy in Maths and will practicing Maths using this method improve my accuracy in Math examinations which are written?"

I doubt that the method above is original and there is another method with which I find similarities with this method and because of this I am taking little credit for this method.



I have an Maths exam in a few days and because of that I want to know whether the method which I had mentioned above will work or not and whether should I use that method or not?.

I would not know, since I never tried it.

Sorry; what BS is that? You cannot carry a pen, paper and a math book with you?
Ok, let’s assume this is true.
The heaviest of the three is the book.
So let’s ditch the book. Here is how.
In the evening do the exercises from the book.
Make notes about what stuff from the book you are not good at.

In the day, only carry the notes and a pen. Practice the stuff in the notes in order to become good at all the stuff you will be examined on.

I can not carry a pen, paper and a book for the entire day because I will need to eat and brush my teeth and do some a few other things in the entire day and I can not do two things at the same time(Ex-Carrying a book and two other things and also brushing my teeth) and now I suspect that I will have to think of other ways to practice Maths because I believe that the chances of that this way of practicing maths will work is very low and there are only a few days left before my exams.

I’m not sure how easy it would be to get on short notice during the pandemic, but I sometimes carry around a small notebook that fits in my back pocket. Even a small stack of index cards might fit.

Edit: I always keep a few extra supplies like this around for emergencies.

So, how did you do?