Will I ever be able to memorize "rooms" or the castle method to have enough hooks?

I’m just starting out, but I feel like I never have enough places to hang memories.

I also looked in the resources and getting started page, but it feels like a bunch of techniques with no context, and I don’t know where to start or where I’m supposed to go. Maybe I should find an online course?


If you post some examples of information that you want to memorize here, people could offer suggestions on how to approach it. The more specific your questions, the easier they will be to answer.


Too broad: “how do I memorize books?”

Better: “I’m reading a book called <book_title>, and chapter three has this list of information that I want to memorize. Here’s the list: …”

Then people here could provide some examples.

Are you still working on data science?

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Yes, I’m working on my stats undergrad and planning to go into data science or advanced analytics as a masters. Since I finally figured out/getting treated for ADHD I feel like I can probably follow through and learn some memory techniques this time.

The two things I need to memorize right now are Trigonometry (Most important) and Biology information. I mean, ideally anything, but I can start there.


“Trigonometry” and “biology” are probably too broad to get specific answers. If you post a few very specific examples of something in trigonometry or biology that you want to memorize, people here will be able to brainstorm some ideas.

Also check these discussions for ideas:

Thanks, that is helpful. I’m a little disappointed, do you kind of have to learn a new technique for every type of information you want to memorize?

You don’t need a new technique for every kind of information out there, but very broad questions tend to lead to very broad answers.

If you read the short, free ebook and then post a few very specific examples of what you’re trying to memorize, I think the responses might give you a better idea on how to apply the techniques to various kinds of information.

“How do I learn memory techniques for biology?” is similar to the question “How do I learn Python?” Without knowing exactly where you’re stuck, the answer will be very broad, like “read this 500-page Python book” or “watch this 20-hour Python course on Udemy.”

If the question is more specific, like “How do I write a Python program that tells me the weather?” then it’s easier to answer. The more questions like that you ask, the clearer Python programming will be, even if you eventually need to use Python to build things other than a weather program.

Other people might come along with different suggestions, but I think there will be more of them if you post very specific examples. :slight_smile:

I did read the book and I took a look through the resources, but it seems like I’d be throwing together techniques in a hodgepodge manner at best. Maybe I just need to find a good course.