Why The MAJOR SYSTEM Is 7 Billion Times Better Than The Rest

I checked out Dominic’s System. I downloaded the audio version of Quantum Memory Power and other packages.

Dominic knows his materials and I love that about him. His techniques are great, like the names and faces, interviews, directions, mental calendar, mental dates, and some more.

His Number System didn’t click for me. If I want to learn it, it won’t take me more than a day. It’s great for people who want the easy way out. The easier the better, isn’t it?

I realized if I use Dominic’s Number System I’ll be on the losing side. Oops! Did I just insult/offend Dominic O’Brien or Dominic’s fans? I guess both. Oh baby don’t cry, I’m just being sincere.

To be honest with you, the Major System is easier than Dominic’s Number System - maybe it’s because I LOVE it.

Don’t panic, let me explain.

932 with my system is Bean - a person not food. The good thing is, Bean has helped me remember Been, Peen, Pean, Bien, and Pien. It doesn’t have to be a dictionary word. Bean is my default for 932, but I can still use the above listed.

With my version of the Major System. 1000 images give me 4000+ names and sounds, which help me in memorizing things faster. So, if you say the word ‘porbeagle’ I’ll divide it into two por and beagle. por is an alternative word for my Bor, so I’ll picture Bor my number 944. Then, Beagle = Beag/Beeg is also an alternative word for my Beal/Beel = 935. Now I’ll picture Bor and Beal biting each other like sharks do while sing a song by the Glee cast. There are better ways of doing this - I just wanted to show you how the major system can also help. (Wow! 4000+ words memorized with just 1000 images without any effort - hmmm)

In Dominic’s System 6 digits will be a Person+Action+Object. With the 3 Digit Major System, PAO will give you 8 digit, and the advanced users will get 9 digit.

Beginner with a 2D System: 672201972 = Jack, Noon, Soda, Back, and Noah. (Time consuming and you’ll probably forget it by 6AM the next day.)
Intermediate users (3D System). 672201972 = Jen Nosing Tak with a duck (number shape for 2)
Advanced users (3D System). 672201972 = Jen Noting Ben. The interpretation is, Jen writing something on Ben with a very BIG pen - just to spice it up.
users (3D/4D System): 672201972 = Jen N Sewing Tak N. Interpretation - Jennifer Nettles Sewing Tak Ning.

I don’t want to confuse any beginner, so I’ll talk about the Major System and how to master it in a day and remember it forever.

First of all, the person who developed the Major System must be a linguist, because the way he arranged all the consonants is almost the same way they are pronounced in our mouth. Voiced, voiceless, fricatives and all are organized nicely.

I know some people changed some of the consonants to another consonants, because of their similarities or sounds, like 5 being F or V. It’s great, people always want to be unique by bending the rules.


To me, it’s like a programming language. in HTML or other languages, you’ll say h1 Hello World! /h1 instead of h1 Hello World /k1. The < and /> code for the header was removed for visibility.

Please beginners, don’t bend the rules yet. The Major System has millions of materials online, but yours doesn’t, unless you spend extra time tweaking them - which is time consuming. I know S looks good be a 5 and so on. Calm the F down and enjoy the Major System. Why are we acting like Windows and Apple?
It’ll be cool if I send you the word ‘Save’ and you’ll decrypt it as 08 with a 2D System and 088 with a 3D System instead of 55 or 595 - It’s your decision.

The only thing I changed was the hard G from 7 to 5, because I realized 5 was a lonely man and needed a wife. The rest of the numbers were already married, and 7 can generate sounds from K, hard-C, X and Q, so why add G to 7 again when 5 is lonely?

Stage1. This is the Major System taken from https://artofmemory.com/wiki/Major_System

Assigning sounds to digits

In the Major System’s most common form today, vowels and the consonants w, h and y are ignored. These can be used as “fillers” to make sensible words from the resulting consonant sequences. The most common arrangement is:

Numeral Associated Consonants Mnemonic
0 s, z, soft c z is the first letter of zero. The other letters have a similar sound.
1 t, d d & t have one downstroke and sound similar (some variant systems include “th”)
2 n n has two downstrokes and looks something like “2” on its side
3 m M has three downstrokes and looks like a 3 on its side
4 r last letter of four, also 4 and R are almost mirror images of each other
5 l L is the Roman Numeral for 50
6 sh, soft ch, j, soft g, zh a script j has a lower loop / g is almost a 6 flipped over
7 k, hard c, hard g, hard ch, q, qu capital K “contains” two sevens
8 f, v script f resembles a figure-8. V sounds similar. (some variant systems include th)
9 p, b p is a mirror-image 9. b sounds similar and resembles a 9 rolled around
Unassigned Vowel sounds, w,h,y These can be used anywhere without changing a word’s number value

Stage2: This is the one I want you to learn. - simple but with the WHY and Q added.
Make sure you learn it in this order for better recall and when ever you’re encoding a number you should use the first consonant.
The links are GIF images with number shapes to help you memorize them.

0 = S or Z.
1 = T or D.
2 = N or H.
3 = M or W.
4 = R or Y.
5 = L or G (hard) 
6 = J or Sh.
7 = K or Q. 
8 = F or V.  
9 = B or P.

Here is the TRICK to help you.

A friend of mine learned the Major System in less than an hour. This is how I did it. Told him there’s a quiz on ground for some cash. I told him someone sent me 10 images to memorize in less than 1 hour and half of those 10 images will be sent to him after he’s done with the memorization - the faster the more money.

So, I sent him 10 images of the people on the links below and told him to only memorize them by the name’s acrostics. So, Stephen Zondo will only be known as SZ.
It took him 15 minutes to reply and said “I’m ready for the test.” I was surprised.
I sent him half of the images and told him NEVER to cheat and he agreed.
The first image was just the clothe of Jish without his head and he failed it. So, I told him to go back and memorize their clothe/color, body posture and face properly. He went back, spent 5 minutes and messaged me that he’s ready. This time he got 9 out of 10. I asked him. Why did you fail TD and he said it was very memorable, so he didn’t pay attention to it. - THE EASIEST THINGS ARE EASILY FORGOTTEN. So, don’t take anything for granted, thinking you already know it.

If you’re a beginner, I want you to do this.
Memory these 10 images and only call them by their acronyms.
When you’re done with the memorization, and you can recall SZ, TD, NH - BP instantly, then associate each to their respective number shape images. Eg. 0 = ball, 2 = duck etc. They look alike, right? So, SZ swallowing a ball bigger than Kobe Bryant’s head. NH dancing with 2 ducks or 2 ducks moon walking on NH’s bed, and yes, NH is a dancer, wow!. Do this for all and make it as funny as possible. If it can’t make Harry Lorayne laugh, then it’s not funny.

  1. Stephen Zondo - a pastor popularly called SZ
  2. Tom Dixon - an actor popularly called TD
  3. Neil Haskell - a dancer popularly called NH
  4. Michael Weatherly - an actor popularly called MW
  5. Randy Young - a guitarist popularly called RY
  6. Luis Guzman - an actor popularly called LG
  7. John Shittu a soccer agent popularly called Jish.
  8. Kenny Quintero - a disc jockey popularly called KQ.
  9. Frank Vincent - an actor popularly called FV.
  10. Bill Pullman - an actor popularly called BP.

If you do the things above you’ll learn the Major System in less than an hour and from there you’ll move to the next level. And even if you want to use Dominic’s System use the Major System as your consonants, as in
36 = MJ = Michael Jackson and so on. Trick your friend into learning the Major System in less than an hour before telling them the importance of what they’ve just learned.

Right now I read number like words - I promise you, it’s EASY. Believe in yourself and stand on the shoulders of the giants that have come before you.

Don’t forget to check out a Facebook page I opened (Remember Anything at Anytime) with thousands of images - some are hidden for now, but at least 2000 images are visible for everyone to use especially those using the original Major System) . CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON FOR UPDATES AND ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS. If I don’t know it, somebody in this forum will.

If you think there is a Number System more superior than the Major System please share with us and give some examples. THANK YOU.


Hi, your 3-digit system is interesting.
It seems very similar to Ben’s system, at least from the example you gave; have you checked it out?

Yes, I did. I came up with my system before I knew someone was already using a similar system. I’ll give him the credit for being the first. Respect! I did chat with Ben P for a 4-digit system collaboration, but it seems he doesn’t have much free time as he said here. 2nd comment.

I’ve never heard of 2D and 3D. I’ve used the standard Major system for quite a number of years and have incorporated the h (hammer for 34) and the w (water) for 14. Since I have internalized these images already, how do you suggest I learn stage 2 and will it provide some utility that I don’t enjoy now? Thanks.