Why memory sport can not be popular in US?

Is anyone know Why memory sport can not be popular in US? and how to make it popular?


I know, right?! We Americans are seriously missing out, and I think its mostly because of two reasons.

The first reason, first and foremost, is that most Americans have no clue as to what Memory Techniques or Memory sport is. When I tell people about Memory methods, their typical response is something like, “Wait- What is it?”. I’ll elaborate and they’ll shrug and say they’ve never heard of it. Its not taught in schools and it isnt a televised sport so thats not surprising.

The second cause would be that we have a “hit the ground running and dont stop till you pass out and then get a triple shot vente coffee from starbucks and keep running” mentality. Americans have no idea what Mnemonics are, and have no idea how useful they are- so we judge it isnt worth our incredibly valuable time and pull another all-nighter before exams.

It is really dissapointing how the US isnt taking advantage of Memory Tools. Thankfully, the World Memory Sports Council and Tony Buzan do a wonderful job advertising the sport, and recently big publications like the New York Times have covered memory events. There have also been a good bit of books printed on the subject as well. I am optimistic about the future of Mnemonics in the US, just a little dissapointed in the present. The best I can do is share my “memory secrets” with anyone who asks.

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I come from a magic background so I have a slightly different opinion on this…

Why would you want it to be popular? That just makes it less impressive… The majority of people look at this stuff and consider it a superpower! Well… until they learn the techniques…

If everybody could do what SpiderMan does, he wouldn’t be anything special…

Just my thoughts :slight_smile: